VIA| France was rocked by yet another act of terror on Tuesday when a police officer in the city of Toulouse was stabbed by an Algerian migrant who reportedly suffers from “mental issues.”

According to The Gateway Pundit, the attack occurred in the Rempart Saint-Etienne prefecture of Toulouse. The 31 year-old assailant reportedly assaulted the female cop because she attacked the officer because she “represented France.”

The attacker had entered the local police station by pretending he wanted to make a complaint. Once inside, he stabbed the officer and was immediately arrested by other cops.

The condition of the injured officer is not known at this time.

France has been on high alert this year as they have suffered many terrorist attacks in the last few months. 130 people were killed by ISIS militants in an attack on Paris in November of 2015. One month ago, 84 more people were killed by an ISIS terrorist in the city of Nice.

Attacks like this prove that Muslim refugees are dangerous. If Obama continues to let thousands of them into our nation, we will soon be facing regular attacks like this as well.

Please keep France and it’s people in your thoughts and prayers!