Bush Just Make A YUUUGE Announcement About Trump Inauguration

TPI| There has been a lot of controversy concerning the impending inauguration of Donald Trump.

From bands, choirs, and dance groups threatening to boycott, to former Presidents refusing to attend and artists and celebrities refusing to perform.

This is in line with President Trump bring a new attitude to Washington. People are uncomfortable that Trump has the will of the People and isn’t going to be doing business as usual.

So far, only Jimmy Carter has RSVP’d his attendance to the event. But now another former President has agreed to attend. And it is another former President who was not a fan of Trump in the general election.

Another classy move by W! His love of this country and our veterans can’t be questioned. He knows that regardless of what he thinks about Trump, it is important that he endorse a successful and smooth transition of our Democracy.

Our Inauguration is a hallmark that we are the strongest and freest country in the world. For our entire existence we have peacefully handed-off power form one President to the next. And now that our country is as divided as it as been in nearly a century, it is vital that former Presidents of all parties stand behind and support President Trump and wish him well. Regardless of how they feel about him and his policies.

I of course don’t expect the Clintons to be there. Why would they? They’re notoriously bitter sore losers.