People: Victims of Their Own Preconceptions

ELDER PATRIOT – In today’s political landscape history and facts do not matter.  People have polarized themselves along ideological lines and they gladly latch themselves onto any “facts” that may support those beliefs even if […]


ELDER PATRIOT –  With the federal government’s mandate that full biological males must be granted unfettered access to women’s locker rooms if they claim to be transgendered, the time has come to have an honest discussion […]

The Delusional Hillary Clinton

ELDER PATRIOT- Hillary Clinton doesn’t live in the real World.  Today, Mrs. Clinton blamed the Muslim immigrant problem on climate change.  Seriously.  Coupled with her recent attacks on Bernie Sanders as a sexist and a […]

Does America Have the Balls to Be Great Again?

ELDER PATRIOT – With our economy having reached a bursting point, the NSA behaving like the Nazi Gestapo, and our national discussion and decision-making being governed by political correctness and moral relativism, America’s run of […]

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