ELDER PATRIOT – If you want a preview of the public’s mood leading into next November’s presidential election take a look at what happened in Kentucky yesterday.  Tea Party favorite and businessman Matt Bevin won […]

Why Cable TV is Floundering

ELDER PATRIOT – Cable television has long been a repository for left-wing cultural rot.  Channels promoting revisionist history, sexual decadence, and the advancement of the entire progressive agenda have populated the cable landscape since its […]

Ted Cruz Castigates Republican Leadership

ELDER PATRIOT – Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz took to the well of the Senate late last week after the Republican led House of Representatives handed President Obama a blank check for the remainder of his […]

Did Barack Obama Steal The 2012 Election?

ELDER PATRIOT – Barack Obama has emerged as an imperial president.  Constitutional limitations on his powers mean little to him and his brazenness in sidestepping these limitations has become commonplace leading to the question, to […]

Exposed: Marco Rubio – Influence For Sale

ELDER PATRIOT – “People buy into my agenda. I don’t buy into theirs.”  – Marco Rubio, Establishment Presidential Candidate Hey Marco, let’s see who’s doing the buying.  In May of this year you trailed only […]

The U.S.A. in a Sad, Sad Way

ELDER PATRIOT – Trish Regan of Fox Business Network proved to be just another agenda driven hack spouting her vitriol when she ambushed Texas Representative Louis Gomert this afternoon.  Gomert couldn’t get a word in […]

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