Jeb Bush – Kicking a Dead Horse

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s time for Jeb Bush to concede.  Despite having an immense financial advantage he continues falling in the polls.  Jeb Bush was never the strongest candidate in the field.  His persona on […]

NYC Taxpayers Funding Muslim Extremism

ELDER PATRIOT – Under the direction of hard left Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City taxpayers are being forced to fund the Arab American Association of New York.  The organization’s executive director is a […]


ELDER PATRIOT – Now that the House Select Committee on Benghazi has concluded today’s grueling questioning of Hillary Clinton we are left with a few lasting impressions. Some of the Republicans pursued worthless lines of […]

BREAKING: Update From Benghazi Hearings

ELDER PARIOT – The immediate takeaway from today’s hearings prior to the 4 pm break is that Mrs. Clinton has ably navigated the political minefield that was laid for her.  That’s the immediate takeaway, only.  […]

What is Trump Saying About 9/11???

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump has proven adept at using words to provoke an irate response from the person they were aimed at only to have the offended party’s response expose them as politically correct […]

Exposed: Democrats Embrace Soviet Style Marxism

ELDER PATRIOT – The Democratic Party is looking more and more like the old Soviet Politburo with each passing electoral cycle.  Primary process?  We don’t need no primary process! Starting with Terry McAuliffe who used […]

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