Disney: Just Another Money Hungry International Corporation Intent on Advancing a Progressive Social Agenda

ELDER PATRIOT – It would be easy to point to Disney’s shakedown of young parents who would forever fall short in their children’s eyes if they balked at the exorbitant cost of entry to Disney’s theme parks and refused to make at least one pilgrimage there in their family’s youth.  In Disney’s defense they can point to the law of supply and demand to justify their latest pricing increase.  Their theme parks are often so full that the crowds make walking difficult much of the time and with wait times exceeding two hours, the price increases are justified if for no other reason than to “thin the herds” so that those who are there can enjoy their costly experience.  As painful as this may be to consumers this is just good business.

It’s the rest of what Disney does that makes them reprehensible.  From “Gay Days” to subliminal messaging to their illegal use of the H-1B Visa program to lower employee costs, Disney just doesn’t pass the test as a responsible member of the community they service and operate in.

Gays, of course, have every right to be as welcome as anyone else at Disney’s theme parks, hotels and restaurants.  As always, the rub is in the details.  It’s the unpublicized nature of their dedicated days that is unconscionable.  Simply, many families do not share Disney’s embrace of the gay lifestyle.  With flagrantly open homosexuals making up far in excess of half of those in attendance on those days, families should be made aware of these designated “Gay Days” when they’re booking their once-in-a-lifetime vacation so that they may plan accordingly. 

There is no mistake in charging Disney with their brand of social progressivism.  Other groups are allowed to have their “days” at Disney but they are limited to late night hours and require separate admission charges.

For their part, those gays that are in attendance are often more of the activist variety wearing offensive T-shirts and openly flaunting their homosexuality.  Disney’s message to religious and traditional families: Screw you!!!

Disney’s treatment of the employees who led them to record profits in 2014 is no less lacking of morality.  Their reward?  Raises? No!  Bonuses?  No!  They were told to train their replacements and then terminated.  They were able to do this by violating the H-1B Visa law under the protective cover of their wholly owned Senator Marco Rubio.

The H-1B Visa was ostensibly established to address the need for additional highly skilled labor where the existing U.S. labor pool was deemed insufficient to fill the specialized needs of the company doing the hiring.  It was never intended to supplant skilled American workers with cheaper foreign labor.  Yet, this is exactly what Disney did in spite of record-breaking profits, a booming stock valuation and their CEO, Bob Iger being paid $46 million for his lack of morality. 

Disney saved between $30-40,000 for each of the 300 employees they replaced.  At most, Iger’s decision saved his company $12 million before tax benefits were imputed.   Iger could’ve preserved the record bottom line in its entirety and done the right thing if he would’ve been satisfied with $36-37 million for himself.  He wasn’t.