Does America Have the Balls to Be Great Again?

ELDER PATRIOT – With our economy having reached a bursting point, the NSA behaving like the Nazi Gestapo, and our national discussion and decision-making being governed by political correctness and moral relativism, America’s run of greatness may well have come to an end.

There is so much that we cannot discuss that our elections are decided by questions of gay marriage, contraception, and racism.  No serious or substantive discussion by the establishment of either party about the threat of radical Islam, immigration (both, legal and illegal,) or the economic collapse that surely awaits us. 

These are the three issues that threaten our nation’s prosperity and, in fact our very existence, that the candidates for the presidency should be prepared to address.  The decisions made to address or ignore these three issues will affect every American and their children for the entirety of America’s remaining history. 

Every other issue pales in comparison.  They are nothing more than wedge issues that will do nothing to stop America’s decline but that play directly to divide us by appealing to our own selfish interests.

Addressing the economy, immigration, and radical Islam will require a moral clarity that has been drummed out of most Americans by, both, our education system and our mainstream media over the past half-century.

I have heard no one in the media or our colleges raise the question as to why we’re indebting unborn generations of Americans with our funding of the rise of radical Islam while at the same time pretending to fight them.  Or, how radical Islam’s right to exist is unquestioned even as they exterminate Jews and Christians.  What is the difference between radical Islam and the Nazis in this regard?  When Curt Schilling of ESPN had the temerity to tweet their similarity he was suspended by ESPN.  There was no outrage in defense of Schilling and the truth.  Only Phil Mushnick of the New York Post joined me in voicing outrage.  This lack of moral clarity does not bode well for America’s future.

Likewise, unfettered immigration threatens our nation’s culture and fiber.  The argument that our country was settled by immigrants over a period of 500 years hold little merit.  The house that I now own was once owned by someone else.  The past owners have neither the right to occupy it any longer nor to decide what color paint I choose.  Ownership has its privileges and with it the obligation to defend those privileges.  That includes deciding who gets to come into my house and who I allow to sit at my dinner table.  Nobody shows up on my door and demands entry and a seat at my table.  This fundamental freedom to decide seems to be lost on today’s Americans who are indebting their children’s children to pay for the social services and security concerns that these immigrants bring with them.

Finally, we come to the debt bubble that takes a back seat in the national debate as though there is nothing that can be done to fix it.  Where is the morality for passing the costs of our excesses on to future generations?  Worse, when federal programs become threatened by declining revenues we will be called upon to decide who receives services and who doesn’t.  Where is the morality in denying promised federal benefits that were paid for by the people who believed they would receive them when they needed them only to finally be awakened to the fact that those monies were previously spent on corporate welfare or aid to foreign unfriendly governments or providing services to immigrants who took your neighbors’ jobs? 

There was a time when Americans embraced their Judeo-Christian upbringings and our nation was guided by a strong vision of morality.  Unless the American people cast off their embrace of moral relativism and stand united in defense of our Founding Principles that were based on a strong religious underpinning we will remain a nation adrift and without purpose.