VIA| Seth Rich was a 27-year-old Democratic staffer who was shot and killed back in July 2016.   Allegedly Seth was on his way to speak to the FBI about a case possibly involving the Clintons. The D.C. murder was definitely not a robbery. There were too many mysterious circumstances surrounding his death.

First, Rich was shot multiple times in the back. He was also killed close to his home in DC. The police had no witnesses, no suspects and no motive. It was more like he was just gunned down in broad daylight and then the incident was called a “robbery”, even though there were no items taken – not his watch, nor his phone or wallet. Robbery? I don’t think so!

Second, Rich was in charge of the DNC voter expansion data. He must have known or been aware of a lot of information that the DNC didn’t want the public to know.  Why else would he have been murdered in broad daylight and then the incident called a “robbery”?

Finally, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange did offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction of Seth Rich’s murderer. No one other than Assange was investigating the murder. Assange wouldn’t admit Rich was the source of WikiLeaks, but he did imply that Rich’s murder may have been a politically-motivated assassination.

On Saturday, April 8, WikiLeaks confirmed that Seth Rich was in fact the DNC leak.

H/T Gateway Pundit:

Wikileaks confirms Seth Rich as source of DNC Leak and provides proof–

Wikileaks released a series direct messages from US alleged “Russian spy” Guccifer 2.0 to acress model Robin Young (according to Young).

In the stream of texts the discussion leads to the DNC leaker.

His name is “Seth”…

** In November Julian Assange said Russia did not hack into the DNC servers.

This may explain why the DNC did not allow the FBI to look at its servers.

On July 8, 2016, 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich was murdered in Washington DC. The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family.

Seth Rich’s father Joel told reporters, “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”

Julian Assange made crystal clear, the leaks did not come from the Russians. They were not hacks, they were insider leaks – there is a major difference between the two.

If Hillary Clinton had not connived with the DNC to fix the primary schedule to disadvantage Bernie, if she had not received advance notice of live debate questions to use against Bernie, if she had not accepted massive donations to the Clinton Foundation and family members in return for foreign policy influence, if she had not failed to distance herself from some very weird and troubling people, then none of this would have happened. But it did and people like Seth Rich died because of it.

Americans know it was NOT the Russians who hacked into the elections or the DNC. If that were so, why was there a mysterious death of Seth Rich, a 27-year-old employee of the DNC (voter expansion data director) who “allegedly” was robbed and killed, even though NONE of his personal items were taken. The murder is NOT resolved, but we all know where that trail will lead to don’t we?

Now that President Trump is in charge, maybe Americans will know the real truth and the facts will come out.  Let’s hope AG Sessions will get to the bottom of this investigation and the real facts and evidence will come out soon.

God Bless the Rich family. Seth Rich was killed doing what he thought was the right thing. It’s too bad we didn’t have honest people in the FBI or government at the time in charge and this investigation was covered up.