The Obama administration and its supporters have long maintained that its time in Washington, D.C. helped to heal the racial divide in America. A recent video from Philadelphia, which the mainstream media has yet to touch, proves just how wrong Obama loyalists are.

In a forty-six second video posted on Facebook, horrified commuters at a Philadelphia subway station watched as black high school students attacked white students from another high school.


At certain points in the video, viewers can clearly see the black students striking a white student even after he has fallen to the ground. In another instance, five black attackers pummel one white student. All told, the fight was broken up by white female students who shoved the black, mostly male, assailants away.

In the video’s comments section, several Philadelphians stated that such acts of racial violence are all-too-common near the city’s public transportation stops. One comment claimed that the National Guard should be called in, while another said that the attackers should be dropped off in Afghanistan, via Facebook.

Black-on-white violence in Philadelphia is nothing new. The “flash mob,” whereby hundreds of black youth converge on a site in order to rob or commit vandalism, was more-or-less BORN in the City of Brotherly Love.

Often these “flash mobs” see black teenagers targeting white shoppers or pedestrians. However, these hate crimes are rarely on the news for long because the victims involved are white.  READ MORE