Few People Know That The Half Moon Shape On Your Nail Could SAVE YOUR LIFE – HERE’s What You Need To Know

VIA| Whether you knew it or not, your nails say a lot about your health. When you stop to think about it, it makes sense. Who doesn’t look at someone’s hands and make a snap judgment about the way they live their lives.

But today we’re not talking about if you’ve gotten a manicure recently. As you’ll soon discover, that half-moon shape on many people’s nails is very important. And it has a name. It’s called a lunula. This part of your nail is vital to nail health.

If it gets damaged, it could forever affect the way your nail grows. Or if it does at all. Below we’ll go into more details about this important part of your health. Scroll down to discover more!

Although it may appear to be so, the lunula is not actually white. It only looks that way because you nail sits on top of it. It’s really just flesh colored. If exposed, the lunula would be very sensitive. And if you look down at your hands now, it should be most visible on your thumb.

Another interesting point is that the lunula is not part of your nail. Yes, it’s under the nail and on your finger, but it actually acts as a layer on top of your skin that covers vulnerable blood vessels. If these did not have the protection of the lunula, they’d be sources of near constant pain. The lunula is not part of your nail, it is just below it.

Even if you removed your entire nail, you would still have your lunula. Unless that was removed too.

Everyone has a lunula – but it might not be visible on some people’s nails. This is just a characteristic. But know that it is there.

Now let’s get to the juicy details. The lunula can reveal important secrets about your health. For instance, a smaller lunula can indicate anemia or malnutrition. Also, a small one might indicate indigestion from a slow metabolism. If it is blue-colored, this lunula could indicate diabetes. And if it is tinted red, it might indicate signs of heart disease.

If your lunula is ivory colored, all indicators say that you’re relatively healthy.

For those with healthy lunula, they’ll take up about a fifth of the entire fingernail. If it gets smaller or changes in color, it could indicate a health problem – you should go see your primary care physician.

If yours is ivory colored, you are probably okay. The lighter its color the better.

Watch your lunula carefully from now on. Because you know the indicators, you can use it to determine if you have a sickness. Sometimes issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease are not obvious – until symptoms get very bad. And then it might be too late to do much good.

If your lunula:

-Is small
-Has any color besides ivory

Call your doctor for a routine checkup. Because a small lunula indicates low energy levels, poor health, and a potentially weakened immune system, it is important to seek help soon.

People with small lunula often feel more tired than people with regular sized ones.