Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Elitist Intent on Keeping Blacks on the Plantation

ELDER PATRIOT – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writing in Time Magazine says that Ben Carson would be a poor president for African-Americans:  And it would definitely not be good for African Americans to have a president who flounders helplessly in office because it would perpetuate the stereotype that blacks can’t be effective CEOs, quarterbacks and leaders.”

Abdul-Jabbar makes no mention of the immense damage done by our current lawless president who rose to power with little more than community organizing on his resume and is largely responsible for inflaming race relations in this country and burying blacks even further down the food chain than they were in mid-1960’s.

When George W. Bush left office the poverty rate among blacks was approximately 12%.  After seven years of a president who “understands the plight of blacks in America” their poverty rate has soared to 27%.   

Apparently it is lost on Abdul-Jabbar that until blacks abandon their lock-step habit of voting for Democrats and the handouts that they promise they will continue to destroy the fiber of their community while marginalizing themselves among the larger society in which they live.  Ben Carson’s life story is illustrative of what can be accomplished by dedication and hard work no matter what background one is born into nor what color they might be. 

For Abdul-Jabbar, Mr. Carson’s religious beliefs disqualify him as a legitimate presidential candidate because, in Mr. Jabbar’s view, they don’t square with the Constitution.  Mr. Jabbar makes no attempt to explain the statistics that clearly show the worsening plight of black America under the leadership of president and party that he does support.

Until blacks enter the great American political debate with open minds they will have defined themselves as being black before they are anything else.  If that’s the case why should anyone else view them as anything else other than black?

I’m not supporting Ben Carson for president.  While I believe we need an outsider to break the Republican establishment’s ruling cartel with the Democrats, I also believe this election “is about the economy, stupid” and no one appears better qualified than Donald Trump to handle that enormous challenge.

That being said, Ben Carson would make a fine president because his instincts are to defend capitalism, the only economic system that has ever lifted the conditions of all of the people living under it.

Perhaps Abdul-Jabbar is afraid that a conservative black president coming immediately after the disastrous regime of Barack Obama would expose the liberal policies of the Democrat party for which he shills.  And, with that, his seat at the Democrat table would be diminished.