ELDER PATRIOT – If you want a preview of the public’s mood leading into next November’s presidential election take a look at what happened in Kentucky yesterday. 

Tea Party favorite and businessman Matt Bevin won the governor’s race in a rout over his Democratic challenger Jack Conway. 

There are number of important takeaways:

Most significantly, Kentuckians just don’t vote to put Republicans in the state house.  Only once in the past 11 election cycles has a Republican held the Governorship.  This is indicative that there is a shift of the political tectonic plates among the electorate who are finally awakening to the fact that all the goodies the Democrats promise comes with a price tag.  In this case it was the bankruptcy of the state’s Obamacare cooperative that left a half-million people without healthcare.

Then there is the question of the validity of left-wing media run polls.  Recent polling by the New York Times showed Bevin’s Democrat opponent leading.  As well, the Herald-Leader Bluegrass Poll tried to tell us that Mr. Conway was ahead by 5 points.  Either their polling methodology was wrong (not likely) or they were attempting to affect the outcome of the election.  Their polling (or their reporting of false facts) missed the mark by a whopping 15%.

This is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s landslide win in his first presidential run.  The final polls tried to tell us that Reagan was a loser.  The media never rests and leaves no stone unturned in their effort to defeat conservatism and its candidates. Perhaps this is why respected pollster Gallup decided to leave the political prognostication business.

Also worth noting is the fact that Governor-elect Bevin was narrowly defeated in the state’s Republican U.S. Senatorial primary by Mitch McConnell.  McConnell only squeaked past Bevin because Rand Paul, formerly a Tea Party favorite himself, threw his weight behind the sitting Senate leader.  McConnell has proven to be more of a Democratic leader in the Senate rounding up the necessary votes to fund the entire Obama agenda.  He has fought for nothing.  Nothing!  Paul has suffered from his decision to endorse McConnell, as well.  His presidential run languishing with a mere 2.5% of the vote.

The voters of Kentucky spoke loudly last night.