Kentucky Police State Kidnaps 10 Children From Homeschooling Family

ELDER PATRIOT – This is the story of Nicole and Joe Naugler and their 10 children.  The Nauglers, married for nearly 20 years, are expecting their eleventh child later this year.  They live a “back to basics” lifestyle on their 26-acre homestead in rural southwest Kentucky.

Last Wednesday, Breckinridge County Sheriff Todd Pate physically subdued Nicole Naugler and removed her two oldest children from her care.  When Joe Naugler arrived on the scene he was told to surrender his remaining 8 children to authorities the next morning.  He complied but still hasn’t been told why.  Sheriff Pate apparently did not have a warrant.  There are suggestions that a neighbor may have reported that the Nauglers lived in squalid conditions.  Without a warrant that is only conjecture.  Conveniently, Sheriff Pate is not available for comment.

According to family friend Pace Ellsworth, the Nauglers were a happy family who simply chose to live off the grid.  Ellsworth explained, “going off grid doesn’t mean Davy Crockett anymore, it means having solar panels, or a wind farm and having a little more freedom, more freedom as opposed to living with a corporation, or the state.”

Joe Naugler with his ten children.  Do these children appear unhappy, starving, abused?
Joe Naugler with his ten children. Do these children appear unhappy, starving, abused?

What crime did the Nauglers commit?

Was it simply being poor?  Certainly a government that plans on spending $6.6 Trillion in 2015 could find a few dollars for this family.  There have been no charges of neglect or child endangerment.  It would be hard to argue that their standard of living differs much from those of earlier generations of Americans.  If any laws have been passed in the intervening years defining minimal standards of living below which children must be removed I am unaware of them.  It is arguable that the life skills the Naugler children are learning – the rewards of working hard, devotion to family, taking from the land only what one needs – are far superior to the distorted views the children in Baltimore are being taught.

Could it be homeschooling?  Teachers’ Unions reflexively reject any and all competition.  Whether it’s vouchers, tenure, or charter schools, their unions consider these issues all non-starters when it comes to negotiating improving our children’s education.  With more parents opting to home school their children perhaps this is where they’ve decided to challenge the home school alternative.  What better place to set legal precedent than by challenging an indigent family lacking the financial strength to employ competent attorney representation?
Maybe it’s a combination of things.  By living off the grid the Nauglers avoid being servants to the utility companies.  Big Pharma is deprived of mandatory vaccinations.  The Teachers’ Unions remain unchallenged.  Is this simply the Nanny State continuing its seemingly endless intrusion into dictating the terms of how we live?
Perhaps it’s the vision of a poor, happy, white family that challenges the myth that income disparity causes riots.

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