Alert: Gingrich Says Americans Only Have 1 CHOICE ON TRUMP … GOP APPALLED

Former House speaker and current Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich has a message for conservative Americans: It’s time to fight.

In an op-ed published Thursday entitled, “Surrender or fight, our country is at stake” and published on Fox News, the former Georgia congressman explained his belief that the leftist mainstream media has declared war — and that they are winning.

Republicans in Congress have been led to believe that remaining silent will keep them out of the cross-hairs, but Gingrich charged them with a much more active task: Get up and fight.

“Congressional Republicans are rapidly approaching a crossroads,” he wrote. “Some have already surrendered by giving up on town hall meetings. Others have accepted the news media’s false narrative as the truth.

“Republicans must decide if they are going to fight for what they believe in or retreat to the tenuous safety of the beltway bubble,” Gingrich argued.

The false news, which President Donald Trump repeatedly calls out to anyone willing to listen, often attacks Gingrich, the president, first lady Melania Trump, first daughter Ivanka Trump, and literally anyone else willing to risk the media’s wrath by daring to stand with Trump and not against him. The leftist media label these Trump allies enemies of the state and continually assails their reputation here and abroad.

Gingrich spoke to this situation specifically: “I have been overseas for the last three days, and it has been sickening to see so many foreigners terrified because they unknowingly believe the news media’s false reports and vicious attacks. The only version of President Trump they know is the one portrayed in the 24-hour cesspool of CNN and the daily acrimony of the New York Times. Sadly, our own nation’s news media is doing more to undermine America’s image than Al Jazeera or Pravda combined.”

Gingrich outlined the only rational response: Give House and Senate Republicans a real “talking to.”

“If Senate Republicans implement an all-out campaign, they could pick up all 10 seats and have the largest GOP majority since the election of 1868,” Gingrich said, adding that while House Republicans have a steeper hill to climb, “Defeating the left’s attacks will require House Republicans to engage in significantly more training and planning than they are used to.”

At the end of the day, if we do not stand up for something, we will fall for anything — and in this case it will be falling for false narratives designed to keep Trump from fulling his campaign promises, one of which was to drain the swamp that perpetrates these kind of willful attacks on American democracy. READ MORE