Marie Osmond Makes HUGE Announcement About Trump Inauguration!

TPI| Many A-list Hollywood celebrities and musicians have announced they would never play at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. They seem to either disagree with Trump’s conservative politics, or they don’t want to face the backlash they would get from the liberal establishment.

But not Marie Osmond! Now 57-years-old, Osmond said she is willing to perform at Trump’s inauguration concert, if asked. She also said America needs to “support our president” and “unite” behind him.

This is fantastic news!

The singer-and-actress has put herself forward as a potential performer for the January 20 ceremony in Washington to welcome Trump to the White House.

While Marie has not yet been asked to perform, the songstress told Yahoo! Finance: ‘I think when it comes to our country we need to unite.’ Marie also told the website: ‘We should come together and I think an Inauguration should be a time to unite, it really should.'[…]

The Paper Roses singer is referring to the division that arose during and after Trump’s successful election campaign against Hillary Clinton.
Marie gained fame as a country artist as her brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny and Jimmy conquered the globe as singing troupe The Osmonds.

It takes courage for a famous singer to speak out for Trump and America. Thank you Marie Osmond for supporting Trump!