Media Report August 28th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – The Blaze reports that, “Hillary Clinton has compared the GOP candidates to terrorists for their views about women.”  Mrs. Clinton must be becoming unhinged because this comparison highlights a level of hypocrisy that is indefensible.

If Mrs. Clinton is concerned about terrorists in our midst why hasn’t she called for a closing of our southern border, and an end to federally funded programs paying to import Arab-born Muslims into our communities about whom little is known except that a percentage of them become disaffected and turn into Islamic Radicals?

Instead she has turned her venom on those who seek to protect America’s unborn babies, and who know that the Second Amendment affords each of us the best way to protect our families from the fallout of the other insane policies she’s endorsed.


Fox News has revealed that “email from aide Huma Abedin to Mrs. Clinton that kick-started the FBI probe contained classified information from all three intelligence agencies, the DIA, the NSA, and the NGA.”

Considering Ms. Abedin’s ties to radical Islamists and the flow of emails the night of the massacre of four U.S. citizens in service to our country it has become necessary that we must ask the question how deeply infiltrated into our government have radical Islamists become?


MRC’s NewsBusters has reported that Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was all over TV saying it’s the job of journalists to denounce Donald Trump’s positions.  If this is what is taught in journalism school we’re doomed especially in light of the fact that J-school graduates only are taught how to write a story, but receive little if any education in morality, political science, economics, or any of the other disciplines they report so authoritatively on.  The job of a reporter is to report and leave his personal views out of his stories. 

We would hope that after the trillions of dollars spent on education those reading his articles possess the critical thinking skills necessary to come to their own conclusions.

Mr. Ramos is upset interrupted Donald Trump’s press conference by standing to ask a question before he was recognized in an act more reminiscent of Code Pink and other activists than a serious journalist respectful of his colleagues in the room.  That he works for a Hispanic network that severed its relationship with Trump makes him more of a shill than a journalist in this instance.


The Atlantic asks, “What does Joe Biden know?”  The suggestion is that Biden is aware of even more damaging information about Hillary Clinton and that is what is fueling his consideration of a presidential run. 

The question is both laughable and damning.  As Obama’s handpicked successor how can he not know everything regarding Mrs. Clinton’s untoward behavior?  After all, the president is required to be aware of the actions of his highest-level cabinet officers at every moment.

Even worse, whatever he and Obama know they have a fiduciary requirement to investigate and prosecute accordingly and not to use it for their personal political benefits.


More from Fox News correspondents who are asking why Mrs. Clinton’s security clearance has not yet been suspended?  That’s a question we asked over two weeks ago because it is standard practice to suspend security clearances of the subject of the investigation and the clearances of everyone in their circle of people pending the outcome of the investigation.

Here’s a question no one is asking, “why isn’t Mrs. Clinton in jail while this investigation is still open?”  She’s shown a wanton disregard for the nation’s security and there’s a lot of damage she can cause with what she knows.


The reports that a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume has sparked outrage on the Internet.  Apparently some people find it disgraceful and “transphobic.”

Word to the morons, Jenner has made his/her life public while leaving a trail of damage to those closest to him/her behind.  Public figures are fair game and no one is yet to point out how this costume is any different from those that have come before it imitating people in the news.  Stop turning everything into a political cause because you’re exposing yourselves as out of step with mainstream Americans.

While we’re on this topic, security for Mrs. Clinton had to get involved in controlling a Black Transgender Lives Matter disruption at one of her campaign events.  These activists won’t settle for being allowed to live in peace.  They want every American to bow to their “lifestyle choice.”  Screw them.  I reserve the right to think of them as I choose as they reserve the right to do the same of me.


The New American tells us the Congressman Mike Rogers has introduced a bill calling for our withdrawal and defunding of the United Nations.  This will go nowhere even though it should.  We pay the lion’s share of the U.N.’s annual budget and then ask them for approval of our actions.  How is that a good deal?

Congressman Rogers may garner some political benefit form this but unless a “radical” like Donald Trump” is elected there’s not even a snowball’s chance in hell of this even being voted on.  Certainly not with an internationalist like John Boehner controlling the voting in the House.


Yahoo’s AP News My Way is lamenting that the “Top 2016 candidates are struggling to change the subject.”  It seems that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and Jeb Bush’s family predecessors in the White House are making it difficult for these two to gain any traction discussing the issues.

What is missing from this discussion is that no one is interested in their “positions” on the issues any longer because they, and their parties, have never fulfilled past promises to the American people.

This also goes a long way towards explaining Trump’s appeal and why attacks claiming he’s not a conservative are failing.  He’s an outsider who doesn’t have the party regulars’ stench of deceit, and any conservative failings that he may have can’t be as bad as the disregard the party has shown to Conservatives over the past quarter century.


CBS News asks, “Are Democrats turning against Hillary Clinton?”  C’mon CBS, other Democrats are looking to save their own bacon at this point and associating with Mrs. Clinton will only hurt them, as the depth of the damage she’s done to our national security becomes known.  This is why they are privately encouraging her to withdraw her candidacy and avoid being dragged through a public airing of her law breaking.  They fear they will be exposed as well.


The Daily News of New York attempted to expose Donald Trump as a draft dodger recently.  It should be stated that the Daily News supports Hillary Clinton before understanding how stupid this attempt is. 

The Vietnam War was opposed by Mrs. Clinton to the point where she demanded the American flag be taken down and out of sight when she gave her commencement speech at her college graduation.

Trump went on to create jobs and wealth.  Clinton went on to live off of the public dole almost her entire career while defrauding American taxpayers of trillions of dollars and selling national secrets to enrich her associates and herself.   

Hey Hillary, did you really need to steal White House heirlooms on your way to Chappaqua? 


DPA-International reports mega protests took place in 100 cities across Brazil because the economy under President Dilma Rousseff is floundering.  The protests attracted almost two million concerned Brazilians. 

Brazil maintains the world’s fourth largest economy and holds a much better long-term position than we do yet Americans remain silent.