LIBERATING ELDER – The Marxist media is in a tizzy over the fact that Donald Trump refuses to give up his Twitter account and continues to communicate directly with the American people, rather than allow the Operation Mockingbird controlled Globalist collaborator media to filter and distort everything he says.

2016 was the year we saw the enemy fully uncloak and pull out all the stops to try and derail the first populist candidate for President that the country has seen since JFK.  Luckily for the Republic, the establishment had already burnt all their credibility so badly that their full court press to install Hitlery failed miserably.  Despite every single major news network running anti-Trump, Pro-Hillary propaganda 24/7, the people broke their programing and pulled the lever for their last chance to restore our nation to the greatness we once knew.

After fighting the entire news media, all of Hollywood, every last establishment owned stooge politician on both sides of the isle, and all the racist minority hate groups such as BLM & La Raza while they did everything and anything in their power to derail his campaign and fail, The Donald has a lot to be thankful for this year.

Last night Trump took to Twitter to issue a very special New Year’s message, not just for those who supported him in his epic quest, but also for those who did all they could to see him fail.

I could not think of a more appropriate message from the President Elect for New Years while he works his butt off, before he has even been sworn in, while Obama is off in Hawaii commanding his minions to do everything in their power to plunge the world into global crisis and sabotage Trump’s Presidency before he can even ben sworn in.


America has a lot to look forward to in this New Year.  We will finally say goodbye to the nightmare that was Barack Hessein Obama and welcome a President who actually wants to see our Country succeed take the reigns.  I just pray it is in God’s plan that our country be saved, if God wills it I am confident that Mr. Trump is the man for the job.