Call it one last bash with the taxpayers’ cash.

Fresh off a two-week luxury vacation in sun-kissed Hawaii, President and First Lady Michelle Obama are making the most of their remaining days in The People’s House by throwing open the doors of the executive mansion Friday to the coolest celebrities Hollywood has to offer.

And considering the same celebs wouldn’t be caught dead at Donald J. Trump’s inauguration next week, the deliberate snub rivals anything a snobbish high school clique would come up with.

The star-struck Washington Post didn’t report it that way, of course. Breathless, unprofessional, and ultimately Obamaphilic, the newspaper that once brought down an American presidency had this morsel of insight.

If this star-studded shindig follows the traditional Obama script, cellphones will be confiscated at the White House security gate and social media crumbs will be few. But afterward, tales of the president’s dance moves and sore feet will make the late-night talk show rounds.

Isn’t that precious? In the world of Washington, an America on the verge of transition to a new chief executive — in a world at war largely thanks to the Nobel Peace Prize president’s stubborn incompetence — waits with breathless anticipation to hear late-night talk show tales of Barack Obama’s “dance moves and sore feet.”

(Will the Russians be blamed for that, too? Maybe the thumb-your-nose moves of this sore loser would be a better focus for truthful followup to this going-away party.)

Meanwhile, the cool kids from school who are going to be invited include the usual glitterati who’ve made ostentatious appearances at the White House throughout the Obama years, according to The Post.

Oprah Winfrey, who bookended the Obamas’ presidential career with interviews of Barack in 2004 (Oprah called him “The One”) and Michelle in December (Michelle said she had “no hope” after Trump’s election as Oprah nodded in sympathy).

Then there’s cop-hating actor Samuel Jackson, cop-hating rapper Usher, cop-hating diva Beyonce and her cop-hating husband, Jay Z. 

(If you’re seeing a pattern here, you’re obviously a delusional, cop-loving racist.)

Some other names The Washington Post floated for the Obamas’ last bash blowout included “Star Wars” director J.J. Adams, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas and actor Bradley Cooper. All of them big-money donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, now getting wined and dined at sumptuous taxpayer expense just for being the good liberals they are. READ MORE