Understanding Economic Reporting 101

ELDER PATRIOT – The Drudge Report’s central headline reads, “Apple Crash Could Bring Down Market.”  The story is linked to marketwatch.com and highlights just how vulnerable our economy has become under the progressive agenda. With […]

Ignorance: The Aphrodisiac of The Left

ELDER PATRIOT – Every time I hear a liberal politician suggest another government program to solve a perceived societal problem I cringe because I know the ignorant masses that sit in the audience and applaud […]

Media Report August 2nd 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – The Drudge Report continues to show it’s not a conservative website.  Now that Cecil the lion has had his fifteen minutes of fame (actually two days) headlining Matt Drudge’s page he’s old […]

Media Report August 1st 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – The New York Times’ headline at the top of their First Draft page reads, “Doctor Says Hillary Clinton Is ‘Fit to Serve.’”  Brevity in headlines is good so long as it conveys […]

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