ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Today is Wednesday, and you know what that means.  It’s Trumpday.  Let’s get started.

By now you have heard that Ben Carson exceeded Donald Trump’s numbers in an Iowa state poll, and in a National Poll produced by CBS News.  You’ve heard about it, unless you are under a rock, because the Lame Stream Media is trumpeting the news from the roof tops at every station break.  They have certainly labored hard and long to bring Trump down.  Now they are taking credit for it.

Be wary of the Left Media bearing polls that just happen to say exactly what the Left Media want them to say.  Let me be clear:  I think this poll is a lie.  Here’s why:

The CBS/New York Times national poll has Carson up 26% to Trump’s 22%.  This is within the poll’s 4% margin of error.  But most suspicious is that Trump is leading in every state poll with the exception of Iowa.  Now, if Carson was really leading Trump nationally, shouldn’t he be beating Trump in more than one state poll?

Then there is the CBS pedigree for lying falsehoods.  Remember that this is the same CBS news that had Dan Rather trying to decide the fate of a Presidential election with phony, forged documents alleging that George W. Bush had gone AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War era.  They got caught red handed, but have never admitted to their deceit, or apologize.

The New York Times pedigree for deception is even worse.  They have actual blood on their hands, by the millions, for Walter Duranty’s cover up of Stalin’s liquidation of the Kulaks during the 1930’s.  Yes, the New York Times editors and reporters have been communist stooges for that long. 

Such deception isn’t limited to CBS.  NBC was caught staging fuel tank fires in an alleged safety expose on Chevy pick-up trucks.  The bottom line is that the Left Media do not commission polls to accurately report on the public mood, they create false polls to SHAPE the public mood.  Do not trust them.

Now, it may be true that Carson is surging in Iowa.  There is much to recommend Dr. Carson, not the least of which is his stand on Abortion and his courage to say that a Sharia Law believing Muslim would not make a good U.S. President.  Telling the truth in a time of official state lies is a profile in courage.  We will have to wait and see if further polling, from more reputable sources, confirms the polls this week or show them to be outliers.

The Iowa poll may be true, as it is consistent with Carson taking the lead over Trump over the past two weeks.  But leading, and even winning, in Iowa is not a good indicator of who will become President.  Rick Santorum won Iowa in 2012, and Mike Huckabee won Iowa in 2008.  Both went on to flame out fairly early and were overtaken by other candidates.

Meanwhile, the Jebbernaut has indeed hit an iceberg with the Donor Class.  This was the guy who promised to win the Republican Primary WITHOUT the support of the TEA Party and the conservative base.  He thought he would do it by drowning all opposition with a huge $100 million dollar war chest, and scare off any other establishment contenders.  But this is not like past election cycles.  Jeb Bush can thank John Boehner and Mitch McConnell for making the Republican electorate immune from slick advertising and the vague promises of being a “conservative” that used to con the hicks in prior years.  This year, the voters are mad as Hell from the serial betrayals of the Republican leadership and want nothing to do with their candidates. 

I predict a massive shift of support in the Donor Class to Marco Rubio—All the Amnesty of Jeb Bush, but with a Fresh Face!  That would explain Jeb Bush’s attack on Rubio this week, claiming that Rubio is the “GOP” Obama.  I’m not sure that is even a put down.  Barack Obama has moved the Socialist Agenda for the Democrats like few have before him.  It would be great if we could get a conservative President who could get that much done in the opposite direction.

Speaking of betrayals, John Boehner has just pulled his last, Great Betrayal by agreeing to a Budget Deal that gives Barack Obama and the Democrats all the spending they could have ever wanted (including funding Obamacare) for the next two years, taking the power of the purse off the table for the remainder of Obama’s Reign of Terror.

On the Democrat side of things, Joe Biden decided not to run, to the dismay of editorial cartoonists everywhere.  Lincoln Chaffee (yawn) and Jim Webb dropped out of the Democrat Primary, leaving Martin O’Malley to hold Hillary’s cape train and Bernie Sanders to hold her crown for the Coronation of Hillary to be your new Queen.  Oh, you lucky peasants!

The press would have you believe that Hillary’s performance of serial lying has gotten her off the hook regarding the Benghazi Scandal, but I suspect that the impression of Hillary as a liar that is not to be trusted was sealed by her claim before the Benghazi committee that she never received a single e-mail from Ambassador Stevens asking for more security.  ALL SIX HUNDRED OF THEM.  Yeah, right.  The paper trail also has confirmed that Hillary gave state secrets to Sidney Blumenthal, who wasn’t an employee of the State Department, nor did he hold any Federal security clearance, at the time.  These are all clear violations of the Espionage Act, but it appears Barack Obama will not green light a prosecution if Joe Biden isn’t running. 

The Obama Injustice Department also decided there was nothing to prosecute Lois Lerner with concerning her targeted mistreatment of TEA parties 501(c)(3) applications.  Know your place, Serfs!

In world affairs, the Muslim Invasion of Europe continued apace, and Austrians responded by cleaning out gun stores of all their inventory with a record buying spree.  U.K., French, and German citizens have no such ability, but I bet they wish they had a 2nd Amendment now.

Republican betrayals, Democrats committing crimes with no consequences, and Europe being destroyed by mass illegal immigration.  I don’t think Donald Trump’s appeal for voters is going anywhere but up.  But the press may not tell you the truth about it in their polls.