ROMENY WORDSWORTH – Across America, the electorate will be voting for candidates in School Board elections next week.  When you go to the polls (and you should) please remember the fresh outrage over Common Core that came to light this week. 

In the photo above, a Third Grader received negative marks even though he or she answered the question correctly.  The question asked the student to show the problem (3×5=15) as a repeated addition.  He or she did so by answering 5+5+5=15.  Under Common Core, this answer was deemed to be “incorrect”.  The “correct” answer was deemed to be 3+3+3+3+3=15, even though, mathematically, there is no difference that matters between adding 5’s and adding 3’s to the sum of 15.  Both are equally valid answers.

commie core

Likewise, in the very next question, the student is asked to diagram the operation of (4 x 6 = 24) as a repetitive addition operation in an “array”.  The student answered with six 1’s in 4 rows.  This was deemed incorrect again!  The, dare I say, politically correct answer was six 1’s in 4 rows.

The above pictured quiz is an abomination for several reasons.  First of all, Third Graders ought to be memorizing multiplication tables so that they can do simple computational arithmetic in their heads, and move on to more challenging math.  This was the way generations of Americans used to be taught math (myself included), and this is the way every other country on the planet DOES teach math.  You know, the countries that we have to compete with, and the graduates of those countries that American companies are importing in droves to do STEM jobs, because they claim American graduates are TOO STUPID to do those jobs!  Today, the typical American high school graduate working a cash register can’t calculate what change you are owed in their heads.  This is a stunning indictment of the failure of modern, faddish, teaching methods by the Eduocracy in America.

Well, it isn’t any wonder why, if our students are being mired in performing unnecessarily complicated addition arithmetic just to do simple multiplication.  This has been imposed by the Educrat Commisariat, who claim it is too boring to teach math the old tried and true way.  All across America a cottage industry has arisen with after marketing tutoring franchises like Kumon and Sylvan, who parents pay to teach math to their kids the old fashioned way:  Memorizing multiplication tables.

The so called “correct” answers in the quiz pictured above shows that Common Core math is really indoctrination into a cult way of thinking and calculating.  This is entirely intentional.  Here is the real truth about Common Core Math:

Common Core Math teaches your kids to think in terms of bundles of 10’s.  It is a political indoctrination into collectivist thinking.  Students are taught to think only in terms of units of ten.  They are taught that “Ten is our Friend”. 

Oh yes, “10 is our friend”. Sounds like 1984 Newspeak to me. Common Core Math was developed by Bill Ayers, or some other communist activist like him.  You know what’s next? Assigning your schoolchild to his own little collective of 10. Commie Core math is an ideological indoctrination to get your kid into thinking only in terms of groups. Math becomes an extension of what the group can do, subtracting and adding members, and combining with other groups to make an even larger group.  The idea of individual and unique numbers, and likewise the single and unique individual student, is erased.

The end game will be to next have the children themselves be assigned into study groups of ten, and all of their scholastic efforts will be within the group.   Their group will receive a grade, and not the individual student. It leads to a perfect communist Borg collective style mentality.

“Who are you? We are 7 of 10.”  It is the complete erasure of Self.

Parents of students in public schools are already aware of the dramatic increase in group assignments, group book reports, and group science projects being created under the new curriculum.  This is also on purpose to start transitioning American students from individuals and to members of a collective.

The results of this social experimentation and political indoctrination have been an across the board failure.  The Associated Press reported today that the National Assessment of Educational Progress exam scores revealed that Fourth and Eighth grade math scores have fallen for the first time since 1990.  What has happened that is new in the curriculum to cause such a decline?  Common Core and the massive invasion of illegal alien students into our schools, many of whom are illiterate in Spanish, much less English.

As has been noted in numerous articles this week, a Texas school district teacher game 7th graders a poll about the existence of God, and threatened the students with low grades if they did not deny the existence of God.

The Katy Independent School District (ISD) e-blasted an apology letter to West Memorial Junior High School parents, guardians and staff, although they disputed the purpose of the activity, calling it “intended as an exercise to encourage critical thinking skills and dialogue by engaging students in an exercise wherein they identified statements as fact, opinion, or common assertion and was not intended to question or challenge any student’s religious beliefs as reported by some media outlets.”

This is a complete and utter lie, and what amounts to an institutional cover up of psychological and emotional abuse of students by the faculty.  Ordering a student to answer a poll a certain way, or suffer a failing grade, is NOT “an exercise in critical thinking”.  It is ideological indoctrination, and under Commie Core, instances of this kind of abuse are skyrocketing.

So when you go to vote in your local School Board Election, find out who supports and who is against Common Core before you get to the voting booth.  Find out who is being financially supported by the Teacher’s Unions, and who is not.  Vote for the candidates that will reject Common Core, and who are not the puppets of the Teachers’ Unions. 

The health and wellbeing of your children depend on it.