ELDER PATRIOT – The headline blares: Republicans are at war – with themselves.  Some variation of it is repeated in paper after paper with varying degrees of glee and excitement.  And, it doesn’t explain what’s really happening.  This isn’t a simple intra-party food fight about a couple of policy disagreements.  This is a war for the soul of the Republican Party with roughly three-dozen traditional conservative Republican defenders of the Constitution staging a palace coup against the interlopers who were elected under false pretenses and who seized control of the party. 

This is a purge that’s been made necessary by the entrenched powerbrokers within the different states’ Republican Parties that have spent billions of dollars over the past two decades bent on depriving the voters of the conservative representation they thought they were voting for.

Instead the state Republican Parties gave them candidates who were more liberal than they were conservative.  This was repeated in congressional district upon congressional district throughout the country. 

When a conservative dared challenge an incumbent RINO the national party opened the bank for the incumbent denying that district’s conservative rank and file from a fair primary process.  When the occasional conservative did get through the primary process, the national party deprived him of their financial backing and, in some cases, even backed the Democratic candidate in the general election.

When the few conservatives who were able to win election arrived in Washington, John Boehner was there to make sure they understood his ground rules – abandon their conservative principles and the promises they had made to their constituents or lose funding for their districts and receive the least desirable committee assignments.

Why?  Because Boehner and the Democrats were working together to defraud and indebt the American people for the financial benefit of international corporations and bankers who, in turn guaranteed the personal enrichment of Boehner and his band of con men.

There’s seldom, if ever, been a Speaker who the Democrats could rely on to deliver the vote when they’ve needed them as John Boehner has consistently done. 

Now the conservatives who have been the target of Boehner’s enmity for so long have positioned themselves to leverage their three-dozen votes in a way that can drag the party back to its roots as the defender of the Constitution. (For an explanation of how they are in a position to effect the vote when there’s 246 total Republicans see my article from yesterday.)

For the courageous Freedom Caucus members this is an opportunity to finally fulfill the promises they made to the constituents who entrusted them to protect and defend the Constitution.