ROMNEY WORDSWORTH –  It’s Wednesday, October 14, 2015, and you know what that means.  It’s Trump Day.  Let’s get started.

A staffer with the Jeb Bush campaign was planted in the audience of a “No Labels” Forum in New Hampshire this week, televised by CNN.  The staffer, one Lauren Batchelder, has also interned for Republican New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

In a highly stilted speech-question, Ms. Batchelder banged the drum again to the beat of the Democrat meme about the so-called Republican War on Women, demanding to know what Trump would do about the (mythical) gender wage gap, and whether she will control what happens to her body (read:  abortion) under a Trump Administration.

To his credit, Trump handled the wage part of the question with aplomb, noting the high profile women in his own organization.  As to the issue of abortion, Trump was succinct:  “I’m pro-life.”  Period, end of story, nothing further needed to be said.  It should be noted that Senator Ayotte also claims to be pro-life, so either the young Miss Batchelder told a blatant falsehood about herself in the question, she is at odds with her own boss on abortion, or the question was specifically cooked up in an attempt to create a wedge issue between Trump and the women’s vote.

Well, I have some bad news for the Trump snipers.  A majority of the country is now pro-life.  A Marist/Knights of Columbus poll taken in January of this year shows that 60% of Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong.  This goes across gender lines, with just as many women’s attitudes changing against abortion as men’s.  This is in large part due to three factors:  1) Color Ultrasound has exposed the Big Lie that the abortionists used to peddle about the fetus being “just a clump of cells”; 2) the pain, anguish, and remorse of having an abortion has become known to many women after 50 years of legalized abortion; and 3) the disgusting and monstrous practice of Planned Parenthood (we should really call them Planned Genocide) of harvesting organs from “fresh” (read:  alive) babies is so gruesome that many Americans have recoiled in horror.

It was a clumsy, amateurish attempt to ambush Trump, and I’m not just talking about the question itself.  Miss Batchelder, (who is obviously a member of the Millennial Generation that screams:  Look At Me!) hadn’t bothered to erase her twitter and social media records until after the hit job, and by then it was too late—all of her pictures with Jeb, John McCain, Marco Rubio, and the rest of the RINO establishment were laid bare.

What the Hell does Jeb Bush pay all those six figure salary political consultants for if they can’t even remember to remove their fingerprints first before sending out a rhetorical assassin?

A quick look at the polls for this week:  The Real Clear Politics Polling Average ending October 8th shows Trump at 23.7%, Carson at 18.4%, Rubio at 9.9%, Fiorina at 8.9%,  Bush at 7.1%, Cruz at 6.7%, Kasich at 3.3%, Paul at 2.6%, Christie at 2.4%, Huckabee at 2.4%, Santorum at 0.6%, Jindal at 0.6%, Graham at 0.4% and Pataki at 0.3%.

It should be noted that most polls show Trump in the high twenties, but a few outlying polls bring down that average.  The bottom line is that Donald Trump, and only Donald Trump, is on the side of the American people when it comes to the important issues like immigration, national sovereignty, and global trade deals like the TPP.  As long as Jeb Bush and the Bush clones represent the interests of the Donor Class, rather than the Middle Class, do not expect the polling numbers to change.  Voters are not interested in getting more “business as usual” from the Beltway Establishment, no matter how many “Gotcha!” questions they throw at Donald Trump or Ben Carson.