GERALDO NAILS IT: ‘Whatever You Think of Trump, Imagine How Daunting It Is to Go to Work Each Day SURROUNDED by …’

VIA| Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera may not be the biggest fan of President Donald Trump, but he is apparently even less of a fan of the big mouth leakers infesting the White House.

Geraldo jumped to his Twitter account to slam the leakers and to express some sympathy for President Trump who is being forced to try and govern as insiders seek to undermine him.

The well known, liberal reporter slammed the liberal media establishment for attacking Trump with “reckless abandon.”

Geraldo added that it must be “daunting” for the president to go to work every day with all the “rats” around him constantly leaking to the press.

After that, the long-time Fox News host ridiculed those calling for Trump’s impeachment.

The mustachioed one also corrected those who think that Trump had “obstructed” justice” with his comments about Mike Flynn in a conversation with then FBI Director James Comey.

Rivera has in the past questioned why sharing intelligence about ISIS with Russia is a problem. After all, the Russians are supposed to be our allies in the fight against Islamic terror. Rivera also noted correctly that as president, Trump can declassify anything he wants.

Finally, the Fox Newser has also criticized his fellow journalists for how badly they characterize everything Trump does, especially in comparison to how wonderfully they treated Obama.

President Trump would likely agree with everything that Rivera said. In fact, just this week Trump slammed the media’s “witch hunt” against him because of their constant  string of unsourced stories of collusion with Russia and talk of impeachment.