Ted Cruz Castigates Republican Leadership

ELDER PATRIOT – Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz took to the well of the Senate late last week after the Republican led House of Representatives handed President Obama a blank check for the remainder of his term in the White House.  Cruz was attempting to influence the Senate to put an end to the spending madness. 

While his plea was likely falling on deaf ears, his presentation skills, his passion, knowledge of his subject matter, and willingness to name names is impressive.  Senator Cruz spoke for over ninety minutes without using a teleprompter and without much preparatory time. 

Even if you cannot find the time to watch this entire video it is well worth your time to see this man in action:

Senator Cruz’s willingness to take on the Republican leadership is nothing new.  He’s been fighting to have them to adhere to our constitutional principles since he first arrived in Washington.  This is a man worth following.