Being invited to sing the National Anthem for any event is quite an honorable invitation. But, imagine being only sixteen years old and being asked by the president-elect himself, to sing the anthem at the inauguration?

That’s certainly something that Jackie Evancho will be able to brag about for a lifetime. In a recent interview on the Today Show, the teen announced that she would in fact, be singing the anthem for Mr. Trump. “I am really excited,” said Evancho. “To be able to sing for the national office, it’s an honor.”

This isn’t Evancho’s first major presidential event, as she has also sang for President Obama. “I got to meet Obama and he is really nice,” said Evancho. “It was quite an honor.” The last singer to perform the National Anthem, was Beyonce Knowles, during President Obama’s inauguration in 2013.

At age ten, Evancho made her first appearance in the spotlight, as the runner-up on America’s Got Talent during the fifth season. Known for her work in the classical crossover genre, her debut album, which includes Christmas songs, was released in December 2010. Following this debut, Evancho has released three singles this year. Her album reached platinum and gold status and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts. She has also been the solo act on three Public Broadcasting Service concerts (PBS).

While this latest request is considered an honor for her, she has received heavy criticism on her decision to do this duty for President-elect Donald Trump. Hopefully this young lady has built up a thick skin against these naysayers. Commenters have shared the following critiques….

“It’s very disappointing that you’re willing to support the Trump administration @jackieevancho This may taint you for years to come!”

“Nothing says losing the popular vote like having Jackie Evancho, America’s Got Talent 5th Season “Runner Up” singing at your inauguration.”

A few kind commenters looked at the big picture and were in full support of the girl’s decision…

“Please please please don’t attack this very young girl for taking an opportunity of a lifetime. I don’t like Trump AT ALL either but this girl is a KID and is probably more excited just to preform in front of such a big audience than she is to be doing it for Trump. Either way, please don’t send her death threats or say horrible nasty things, she’s sixteen for god sakes.”  READ MORE