The Delusional Hillary Clinton

ELDER PATRIOT- Hillary Clinton doesn’t live in the real World.  Today, Mrs. Clinton blamed the Muslim immigrant problem on climate change.  Seriously.  Coupled with her recent attacks on Bernie Sanders as a sexist and a racist it now appears that Mrs. Clinton feels she can say anything regardless of a lack of factual foundation.  I guess this brazenness is what comes from believing her adoring media coverage.  She needs a heavy dose of reality.

Hillary Clinton has never lived in the real world and she’s unlikely to concern herself with it now.  She has managed to accumulate a net worth in excess of $32 million despite claiming she was virtually bankrupt when she left the White House where she served in the unpaid position of First Lady.  The fact that she now has $32 million is fairly amazing considering that she spent 10 of the ensuing 15 years as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, jobs that pay less than $200,000 annually.

How did she make all that money and how much did she pay in taxes while she was doing it?  How much influence has she sold to corporate America and to foreign governments?  How much was she paid to play fast and loose with America’s secrets? 

How do feminists reconcile her attacks on her husband’s accusers of sexual assault?

How did she “win” the day she appeared before the House Select Committee on Benghazi when she spent eleven hours obfuscating any and all responsibility for the events of that night?  “It was an underling’s job, it was in the CIA’s purview, someone else made those security decisions, how would I know what is top secret if it wasn’t marked so?”  Every misstep has always been and remains someone else’s fault.

Even when she ran for the U.S. Senate seat from New York she became noted for her “listening tour.”  Every other candidate is held to account.  Every other candidate must come armed with answers during the electoral process.  Not Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton may be the single most unaccomplished person ever to lead a major political party’s nomination process. 

Now she wants us to believe that climate change is causing the massive Muslim immigration problem.  It couldn’t be the policies she and President Obama implemented in the Middle East.  The mainstream media gave her a pass when she blamed the terrorist uprising at our embassy in Benghazi on a film that no one saw.  I expect that they’ll do the same thing with her most recent imbecilic claim.

With her track record why would she ever join the rest of us living in the real world?