ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Tonight the first Democrat Party Primary Debate will be held, and televised on CNN.  Here is your handy guide on what to expect:

1) The debate has been shortened by an hour.  The three hour debate has been shortened by DNC Chairwoman Debbie “blabbermouth” Shultz to only two hours.  But perhaps I should refer to Debbie by her Native American name:  Running Angry Perm?  But I digress.  Why was this done?  Remember that up until now, the Republican primary race, and the GOP candidates, have been getting all the media attention.  Having a relatively short debate is not going to give the Democrat candidates much more than a fleeting instant in the limelight.  The answer, of course, is that it was done at the request of the Clinton campaign, because EVERYTHING done by the DNC Chair is for the benefit of the Clinton campaign.  Remember that maxim, and all the actions of the Democrat Party will make sense. 

So, why would the Clinton campaign make such a request?  That’s an easy one too.  Hillary is a horrible candidate with all the charisma of a reanimated corpse.  She doesn’t think well on her feet, and does not have much emotional or mental stamina.  Her campaign is noted for its slavish choreography and stage management of every “spontaneous” event on the campaign trail.  She lives in a protective bubble that relieves her from ever having to interact with a non-vetted, non-scripted, voter.  That would include YOU, in case you were wondering.  This is a candidate who couldn’t even manage to memorize FIVE LINES for her live Saturday Night Live skit last weekend.  If Obama can’t give a speech without his teleprompter, Hillary can’t even go to the bathroom without hers.  Which brings us to item number two:

2) Hillary is going to be given her questions ahead of time.  No, I can’t prove it, but I am certain that CNN, otherwise known as the Clinton News Network, is going to slip the moderator questions to the DNC, which will then hand them off to an agent of the Clinton campaign—probably via Sidney Blumenthal, the perpetual Clinton’s Rasputin-esque figure who is always lurking in the shadows.  It is just how these things work in the Democrat Party.  The party is seeking to coronate Hillary, and CNN is just a propaganda organ of the Democrat Party, masquerading as a journalistic enterprise.  Rest assured, it is not.  Just watch to see if Hillary needs any time to actually think about her answer, or if she immediately starts reeling off a well rehearsed answer, in robotic monotones.  Which leads us to item number three:

3) Anderson Cooper has already announced that CNN’s hagiographic “Moderators” are not going to ask a single question that pits one Democrat candidate against another.  This is the polar opposite of what FOXNEWS did to the GOP candidates during their debates, where most of the questions consisted of the following variety:  “Ms. Fiorina, Donald Trump says you are ugly.  Could you please respond by telling the voters what a jerk Donald Trump is?” 

This is fatal to the tractionless….Martin O’Malley campaign.  I just had to look up his name.  That’s how invisible Martin O’Malley is on the campaign trail.  It’s almost as if he was secretly set up to be an ineffectual foil for the Clinton campaign to play off against.  Not that such a thing could EVER happen, right?  I am given to understand that Martin O’Malley has been quite adamant in asking for more debates.  Well, it’s not going to make any difference if the Moderators carefully ask questions that give the candidates no opportunity to attack, or God forbid, actually contrast themselves against one another.  You can also expect Mrs. Clinton to get most of the air time, leaving the other Democrat challengers starved for any time in front of the TV audience.  Which leads us to item number 4:

4) Democrats are all communists, or their useful idiots.  Communists don’t DO debates.  They do show trials.  They do pre-scripted events to provide the masses with the ILLUSION that there is a real democratic process going on.  Notice that I never call them the “Democratic Debates”.  This is because there is nothing democratic about the Democrat Party.  It is totalitarian.  It has a rigid, cult like ideology, and all members must conform.  For instance, there is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat anymore.  It isn’t allowed.  If you are a Democrat seeking office, you MUST accept the murder of the innocent unborn child (to be cut up and sold for body parts) as your sacrament!  Remember Joe Lieberman?  Al Gore’s running mate in the 2000 election?  Senator from Connecticut?  He was run out of the Democrat Party for being pro Israel.  To be in the Democrat party these days, you are expected to vote for a treaty that will give Iran nuclear weapons, and import millions of militant Islamists into the United States as “immigrants”.  Remember Zell Miller?  He was a Georgia Democrat who was a social conservative and believed in a strong national defense.  He’s gone too, and anyone who isn’t ready to say that the homosexual lifestyle is just, oh, I don’t know what the right word is here, so let’s just say “fabulous”; everyone who isn’t willing to say that homosexuality is fabulous isn’t welcome in the ‘Rat Party.

What does this mean for tonight’s debate?  An ideological monolith, with the same socialist prescriptions for all issues, great and small.  The same Marxist attacks on American heritage and American culture, without deviation.  The kind of cultural Marxism that leads Democrat run towns and schools to ban Halloween, because some people are offended, or don’t feel included (read:  Muslims, who exclude themselves).  If there’s one thing you can say about Democrats, it is their ideological purity.  Ninety-nine and nine tenths pure Marxist bullshit.  And all the CNN questions will be giant puff balls (softer than even a softball) which just presume that Socialism and Political Correctness are what America needs more of! 

Nobody has yet gotten to Bernie Sanders to let him know that the Democrat Party has no intention of letting him increase taxes on the wealthy Wall Street Bankers who are now the principal funders of the Democrat Party.  To the extent that there are any critical questions of any candidate, they will be directed at Sanders to slow his rise in the polls against Hillary.  He is being allowed to run for a little while, and then will be removed from the choreographed dance when it is time to coronate Hillary…or Joe Biden, if the Obama Crime Family decides to decapitate the Clinton Crime Family.  But, that’s how life is inside the Politburo:  It’s a real Game of Thrones.