The More The Sold Out Republican Establishment Attacks Trump The More Credible He Becomes

ELDER PATRIOT – In an effort to save their side of the Ruling Proletariat, any unholy alliance that they have formed with Democrats, the Republican Party is rolling out party operatives ripping the Conservative base of the party as “stupid.”

First there was “strategist” Rick Wilson appearance on CNN where he asserted:

“You do not benefit by trying to draft behind Donald Trump and hope that he collapses and his low-information supporters run into your arms. This is a guy who is increasingly leading a fraction of the conservative base into a very dangerous cul-de-sac. He is promising things that he can never deliver. And it is time for Jeb Bush and other folks to start posting up and really comparing and contrasting Donald Trump’s rhetoric with the reality.”

As I discussed in yesterday’s article, Sunday it was George Will disparaging Donald Trump’s supporters for being irrationally angry towards the party and basically telling them to shut up and fall in line. 

Yesterday Cheri Jacobus took to Twitter with these messages referring to Trump’s Conservative supporters:

“they’re not the base and you know it.”

Next come the ad hominem attacks:

you really think non low-info voters will overlook the disgusting stuff Trump says?”


“you pander to low info voter just like Obama did. the difference is that Obama had other Dem support and Trump doesn’t have GOP”

This is the same condescension they used against Ronald Reagan in 1980.  There is only one thing worse than being condescending and that’s to be wrongfully condescending which Reagan proved.  Conservatives are smart enough to:

Pay their own way, balance their budgets and expect their government to do the same. 

Understand that a country that chooses not to protect its borders will soon have no national identity and no country worth protecting. 

Protect the integrity of the nuclear family knowing that children grow best in loving homes. 

Know that welfare destroys recipients’ incentive to work and attracts those who don’t want to work.

Realize that $220 Trillion dollars of debt incurred 70 years after our last world war threatens our nation’s sovereignty and is beyond irresponsible.

Only a party apparatchik would deny these fundamental truths that have served as the basis for the Republican Party’s existence spanning more than a century.  Only a party whose leadership has moved so far to the left that, except for its rhetoric at election time, it is indistinguishable from the Democrats they were elected to oppose.

The Republican Party’s strategists have been sent forth with the same message Democratic strategist Terry McAuliffe delivered to long-time Democratic Georgia Senator Zell Miller who strayed to far to the right when he addressed the 2004 Republican Convention, “Get lost and good riddance.” 

The Founders warned us of the dangers of a two-party system.  Unfortunately, we no longer even have that.  By denouncing twenty-five percent of their base the Republican Party they have demonstrated their devotion to the Ruling Proletariat they have formed with their Democratic allies. 

To put this in perspective, Democrats fall all over themselves pandering to their black constituents who represent only around 11% of the electorate and are marginal financial supporters of their party.  For the Republicans to risk losing their most generous donors – forgetting the hedge fund guys and the corporate CEO’s – and most active get-out-the-vote volunteers suggests they find losing to be an acceptable alternative to life with the Donald and having to defend the party’s base principles.

To support one of the Republican Party’s candidates that leadership would approve of meets the definition of insanity.  Only a fool would believe that anything would change.  Change will only come when the people demand change and only if it’s before it is too late to achieve change.  Donald Trump appears to be the only candidate with the money and personality to upset the gravy train that has grown to serve the party’s ruling class only, and that has failed the people so miserably. 

It has become clear, the party “doth protesteth too much.”