The Polls Tell Us What the Mainstream Media Refuses to Acknowledge

ELDER PATRIOT –  After last week’s CNBC debate everyone, except for the most dedicated Left-wing sycophants, has been forced to admit that the mainstream media is intent on inserting itself into the public debate over who our next president should be.  The polls tell us one thing and the mainstream media tells us another.  What’s really going on?

With the great crash and burn of Jeb Bush’s campaign the media has been trying to promote Marco Rubio as the new golden boy.  His recent four-point “surge” falls within the margin of error of most polls’ methodology.  Even assuming that this gain is legitimate it only tells us that the establishment Republicans have shifted their efforts from Jeb to Marco. 

One month ago today Rubio led Bush among the leading establishment candidates 9.5% to 8.3%.  Today Rubio leads 11.0% to 5.8%.  The establishment candidates lost ground!  Where once they held 17.8% of the vote they’re now down a full percentage point to 16.8%.  So precarious is the mess that the Republican Party has made for itself that this is what passes for the “surge” the mainstream media is left trying to sell us in an attempt to prop up their partners in defrauding the American voters of their freedoms and their tax dollars.

What of the outsiders?  Ben Carson and Donald Trump combined to command 40.1% of the vote 30 days ago.  Today they sit at a combined 49.4%.  That’s what a surge looks like. 

If Ted Cruz is added to the outsider totals – though he’s a sitting senator he may actually be Washington’s greatest outsider – they grow from 46.2% to 58.2%.  Did someone say surge?

Does anyone think that if Trump and Carson were to drop out anyone but Cruz would receive the backing of their supporters?

No matter how the media continues their spin that it’s early, the polls tell a far different story for the establishment Republicans.  For them it’s growing very late.  Momentum is everything in politics.  The more people are paying attention the more they’re abandoning the Republican Party’s handpicked candidates and its leadership, as well, refusing to countenance their record of governance over the past decade and longer.