ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The India Times recently reported a breakthrough in robotics technology being pioneered by researchers at Oregon State University.  New technology is now allowing robots to mimic the way humans walk and run.  The system is based on a concept called “spring mass” walking that combines passive sensors with a computer controlled mechanical system.


The result is a bipedal robot that can retain efficiency of motion and walk like humans do, even when having to react to blindly to “rough terrain” while maintaining balance.

This is a huge step forward to creating synthetic people.  Unfortunately, the implications for your continued employment are dire.  The combination of A.I., the ability to learn, and the ability to walk like a human on two legs spells doom for many job categories that are today held by humans.

The U.S. already has a record 102 million working age persons who are unemployed, putting us at a real unemployment rate somewhere between 25%-33%.  That’s already an astounding unemployment rate that exceeds that seen under the Great Depression in the 1930’s.  You don’t hear about it because the government unemployment statistics are a lie, the Media is complicit in maintaining the lie, and government EBT cards keep people off the streets instead of having to stand in bread lines or in front of soup kitchens like we had during the Great Depression.

The employment sector is in horrible shape, and it is going to get drastically worse in a short amount of time.  The trucking industry plans to start automating in 2018 and to have completely replaced human drivers with self driving trucks by the middle of 2022.  That will add another 3.5 million unemployed to the welfare rolls.

But robots that can move like humans threaten so many more jobs.  At the top of the list will be service jobs like Waiters, Waitresses, Cooks, Cashiers, and the like.  In other words, the bulk of jobs in the restaurant and service sectors.  Even tight spaces, like you would find in a typical Chinese restaurant, will not save your job once robots can mimic human walking.

The rush to automation is being driven by government mandates that continue to drive up the costs of human labor, such as Obamacare Mandates and several states who are jacking up the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour.  This is pricing human labor increasingly out of the reach of small businesses while making robotics a more economical investment.


Then there is also the issue of the declining quality of the human labor pool.  At a time when robots are on the cusp of invading the human workspace like never before, universities are churning out graduates of unprecedented emotional fragility, in the need of “trigger warnings”, who can’t cope with having their viewpoints challenged, who have difficulty thinking for themselves, dealing with ordinary problems of life, and who have extremely poor social skills—unable to hold eye contact in face to face meetings, poor writing and verbal skills, and often refusing to work any job that requires them to put down their smart phones for any length of time.  These are graduates who expect employers to indulge their demands for “personal time” but who cannot be expected to be able to calculate the amount of change due to a customer in their heads.

At a certain point, the trend lines of technology and cost are going to intersect the trend lines of increasing labor costs and declining skills.  When they do, massive human unemployment will follow.

It also means another major milestone has been reached on the road to creating a synthetic woman.  This is a development that is increasingly looked forward to by many men as the War between the Sexes has now erupted with a new ferocity, fueled by Radical Feminism’s demonization of all men as latent rapists and oppressors on college campuses.  As I have written before, the ongoing marriage strike by men, due to an intractable system of divorce laws that are punitive towards men, is pushing men to “go their own way”.  Synthetic women might well enable men to separate so far away from women, they never come back.