VIA| Illegal immigrants have just been shown the door. A federal court judge has erred on the side of reason, deciding that the children of illegal immigrants are not entitled to US citizenship. This must be disappointing for illegals looking to suckle on American rights and entitlements without the hassle of actually becoming Americans or troubling to pay taxes like the rest of us.

A federal district court judge has decided not to allow children of illegal immigrants born in the United States, otherwise known as “anchor babies,” US citizenship. Specifically, that the children of illegal immigrants born in the US are not to be issued with birth certificates. This will ensure that the rights to Obamacare, education, and other services will be provided only to legal citizens of the United States and will hopefully encourage these illegals to seek citizenship through the legal naturalization process.

The court’s decision was explained this way:

The Court [said], “Plaintiffs have not presented any evidence which suggests Defendants have improperly focused on and excluded the matricula and foreign passport without visa as forms of secondary identification.”

The Court also concluded that Plaintiffs have failed, at this preliminary stage, to meet their burden of showing a substantial likelihood of success on the merits.

In denying relief at this juncture, the Court concluded in its summary that “although the Plaintiffs have provided evidence which raises grave concerns regarding the treatment of citizen children born to immigrant parents, this case requires additional determinations which can be made only upon development and presentation of an evidentiary record which thoroughly explores the facts and circumstances of the issues raised in this case.” Source: Breitbart