Today the Republican Party Came to an End

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Today, there was supposed to be a vote in the House of Representatives to elect a new Speaker of the House.  Before the vote, Kevin McCarthy, John Boehner’s designated heir and the candidate of the RINO establishment leadership, unexpectedly withdrew from the race.  This left two other Republican candidates, Representative Daniel Webster and Representative Jason Chaffetz.  Webster is a member of the Republican Freedom Caucus, a.k.a. a real conservative, and Chaffetz is the Oversight Committee Chairman.

As a result of McCarthy’s withdrawal from the race, John Boehner has suspended the election of a new Speaker indefinitely, and will continue to be “Acting Speaker of the House”, also indefinitely.  Just like we haven’t had a real budget, with a real budget debate, for years now.  Instead we just have extensions of Omnibus spending authority bills, indefinitely.

So what has happened is that the Establishment has cancelled the whole election process until they can field a new candidate and presumably be sure of the outcome of the election.  This is what your country looks like on Tyranny.  It is the Death Knell of genuine representative democracy and exposes our political system as a sham.  Elections are a nice, shiny distraction for the masses while the Oligarchy really runs things, and the reality is that elections are an illusion, without actual choice.  You can vote for Kang, or you can vote for Kodos, to borrow an analogy from The Simpsons.

This would be like Barack Obama suspending the Presidential election of 2016, because Hillary has been convicted of various Federal crimes and the Democrats don’t have a viable candidate who has a chance to win.  Instead, Barack Obama will just continue as “Acting President Pro Temp” for the indefinite future.  Oh, but that could never happen, right?

The Republican Party, as we knew it as a functioning political party in a functioning representative Republic, ended today.  The idea of a functioning Congress ended today.  The curtain has been drawn back, and we see now that it is all just a charade to hide the fact that we live now under an Oligarchy.  The Republic is dead.  How long lives the Empire?