ROMNEY WORDWORTH –  It’s another Wednesday, and that means it’s Trump Day.  Let’s go over the state of the Presidential race so far.

This week Donald Trump laid a masterful trap for Jeb Bush by attacking George W. Bush over 9/11.  While many pundits tut tutted this, George W. was never actually Donald Trump’s target, Jeb was.  Trump knows that in the Bush clan, family honor is more important than anything else, and Jeb did indeed oblige by coming out to defend his brother.

Which really played into Trump’s hands.  It has Jeb talking about the past, and not the future.  Voters, especially Republican primary voters, don’t want their nominee spending time defending the Bush Legacy, and everyone would admit that to beat the Democrats, the Republican nominee should not get bogged down in such a debate as relitigating the Bush ’43 administration.  This is a Twofer for Trump:  It ties Jeb down as a part of the Establishment in an election where the electorate hates the Establishment.  It side tracks Jeb into talking about a past decade voters would prefer to forget.

And Jeb Bush is, indeed, fading fast.    Yesterday’s CNN national poll for the Republican primary has Jeb Bush down to 5th place.  Donald Trump, meanwhile, has now led in the polls for 101 days, straight!  There are fewer days left before the first polls open in Iowa and New Hampshire.   The Bush attempt at using a plant to derail the Trump campaign with the War on Women meme has failed as miserably as every other Establishment attempt to take out Trump.  Trump has even gained a few points since the attack.

Speaking of failed attacks, Donald Trump is now telling his followers to stop watching Megyn Kelly on FOXNEWS.  I doubt Trump will ever forgive her for her attacks on him in the first debate.  Megyn forgot the first lesson that all assassins should know:  If you take aim at the King, you had better be sure you take him down with the first shot.

A quick snap shot shows Trump 27, Carson 22, Rubio 8, Cruz 4, Bush 8, Fiorina 4, Huckabee 5, Paul 5, Christie 4, Kasich 3, Santorum 2, Jindal 0, Graham 1, Pataki 0.  Fiorina, who was once jockeying with Ben Carson for 2nd place after the last debate, has faded faster than the wicked witch of the West in a bucket of water.  While her having earned the praise of the punditocracy was all well and good, voters are not buying what she has been selling on the stump.  Ben Carson has stayed strong and has closed the distance between himself and Donald Trump.  One wonders why Trump is spending so much time grinding down Jeb Bush.

On the Democrat side of the race, things just keep getting more and more bizarre.  Hillary Clinton is now openly running against the 2nd Amendment, promising Australian-style gun confiscation of American firearms if she is elected.  That continues to be a bigger and bigger “if” as the FBI criminal investigation into her illegal email server has narrowed in on a charge of Gross Negligence.  If convicted, Clinton faces a 10 year jail sentence.  When asked about it this week by Jake Tapper, Hillary laughed maniacally while avoiding an answer.

Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, is running on the promise to raise everybody’s taxes.  The last Democrat to try that was Walter Mondale against Ronald Reagan, who lost in the biggest landslide in U.S. electoral history.  The Democrat party moves further Leftward each election, so I guess you have to go to extremes to move to the Left of Barack Hussein Obama, Destroyer of Worlds.  Democrats have settled this year on openly admitting they are in favor of Swedish style Socialism.

Joe Biden continues his impersonation of Hamlet, deciding with agonizing slowness of whether to be, or not to be, in the race.  My prediction is that he is getting into the race, at the behest of Barack Obama, who hates the Clintons and who doesn’t want to see the Clintons take over the Democrat Party…again.  This almost guarantees that if Biden gets in, Obama’s Justice Department has an indictment in the works to serve on Hillary.

Oh, the vision of a Hillary Clinton being frogged marched away in handcuffs to answer for her serial corruption!  It is a pleasant dream.  I hope she tries to resist arrest.

Having had enough of Bizarro World, Jim Webb has left the Democrat Primary race and announced a Third Party candidacy.  There ARE a lot of Independents these days, most of whom are former Democrats too embarrassed by what the party has become to call themselves such anymore.  So, we’ll have to wait and see if this amounts to anything.