VIA| I’ll level with you – I’m going to try to do this video justice, but sometimes words just can’t.

As Black Lives Matter and anti-cop rhetoric continue to sweep the nation and cause mass riots, panic, and destruction, thankfully we have SOME people with good heads on their shoulders. Trey Gowdy is one of these people and one of our favorite political players, with his no-nonsense and factual analyses of controversial issues.

Gowdy has been particularly outspoken about the anti-cop movement across the board. For every Milwaukee riot scenario there are dozens of others that go unnoticed and no riots occur. Why is that?

An anti-cop professor came to a Congressional hearing and decided to preach her BS to Gowdy, who was having none of it. He decided to make an example of her and set the record straight. I can’t stop cheering him on.

Gowdy is 100% on point here. What needs to happen is a fundamental cultural change or else nothingpositive will happen. Cops aren’t targeting black Americans – they’re targeting criminals led by a gangland culture. What’s going on here is simply cultural chaos and we desperately need to restore law and order if we want any semblance of a country.

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