Why Cable TV is Floundering

ELDER PATRIOT – Cable television has long been a repository for left-wing cultural rot.  Channels promoting revisionist history, sexual decadence, and the advancement of the entire progressive agenda have populated the cable landscape since its inception.  Cable has only been able to maintain the large number of worthless and duplicitous channels because of  “bundling,” the practice of only offering certain desirable channels in tiered packaging that included many undesirable channels.  These channels often provided messaging inappropriate for even young adults.

MTV, VH-1, Comedy Central, CNN, MSNBC and a host of other low-rated, left wing networks would never be able to maintain their presence if people had a choice about paying for them.  It is only by forcing us to pay for their services by threatening to deprive us of services we do want like Fox News Channel or ESPN that the liberal media messaging machine can survive.

It now appears that the scam of bundled cable may be starting to crack.  As the economy continues to weaken more people are examining their household expenses and have concluded that cable bills approaching $200 per month is untenable.  Customers may be willing to pay $6 each month for ESPN but not the much higher amount that bundled services command to meet all of the other channels’ subscription fees.

In the past year alone 3.2 million subscribers have cut their subscriptions services of bundled services that include ESPN.  This represents a loss of revenue for ESPN close to $250 million.  For the industry the total lost sales is in the billions of dollars.

Parent company Disney has ordered ESPN to cut $100 million from its budget due to subscriber defections.  To accomplish this ESPN is planning on cutting 350 jobs.  Maybe they’ll do us all a favor and focus more on sports and less on social commentary where they have a decidedly liberal bent.

It seems the liberal plan is imploding on itself as the weakening economy that has resulted from their policies is now making it more difficult for them to continue their mental and psychological conditioning of the American people.

If enough people continue this trend we may see the end of bundling and the ability to choose your channels a la carte.  After all, would you shop at a supermarket that forced you to buy 3 things you didn’t want in order to get something you do want?  In any other business that’s called a shakedown.

Good for you America.