2008 Ford F250 Refrigerant Capacity: What You Need to Know about Your Truck’s Coolant Levels

The refrigerant capacity for a 2008 Ford F250 is 15.3 ounces of R134a refrigerant.

2008 Ford F250 Refrigerant Capacity

The 2008 Ford F250 refrigerant capacity is designed to hold 18.2 lbs of R-134a. This amount is enough to provide optimal cooling performance, while also being efficient enough to reduce fuel consumption in the event of extreme weather conditions. The system utilizes a double-pulled fan layout, which helps maintain the proper temperature balance in both the engine and the passenger compartment. Additionally, it has an electronic control module preprogrammed with specific calibrations for specific climate conditions to help ensure your vehicle’s comfort and safety.

Engine Specifications – CC and Cylinder Setup – Refrigerant Type

The 2008 Ford F250 is available with a variety of engine options, ranging from the 6.2L V8 gas engine to the 6.7L V8 turbo diesel engine. All engines are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, and all engines have a refrigerant capacity of 1.8 kg (4 lbs). The 6.2L V8 gas engine has an 8-cylinder setup and a total displacement of 364 cubic centimeters (cc). The 6.7L V8 turbo diesel engine has an 8-cylinder setup and a total displacement of 396 cc. Both engines use R134a refrigerant, which is the industry standard for automotive air conditioning systems.

Engine Cooling System – Cooling Capacity and System Type – Refrigerant Special Requirements

The Ford F250’s cooling system helps maintain optimal operating temperatures for both the engine and interior components, such as the air conditioning system. The cooling system uses an electric fan to draw cool air into the radiator, where heat is dissipated from the hot coolant as it passes through hundreds of tiny tubes within the radiator core. The cooling capacity of the Ford F250 is 1350 kW (1 kW = 1.34 horsepower), with a maximum coolant temperature of 95C (203F). The cooling system utilizes an open-loop type design, which means that there are no special requirements for R134a refrigerant other than ensuring that it is maintained at its proper level in order to ensure efficient operation of the air conditioning system.

Manuals and Warranty Information – Owners Manual Information – Ford Commercial Vehicle Warranty

The 2008 Ford F250 comes with several manuals that provide detailed information about its various features and functions, including how to properly maintain your vehicle over time to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, each vehicle comes with a standard 3-year/36,000 mile warranty that covers any defects or failures in materials or workmanship for most components on your vehicle. This includes coverage for parts such as brakes, suspension systems, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, electrical systems, transmissions and differentials just to name a few!

Powertrain Overview – Fuel Economy Details – Transmission Capacity

The powertrain on the 2008 Ford F250 consists of either an 8-cylinder gasoline or diesel engine mated to an electronically controlled 6-speed automatic transmission featuring SelectShift technology for improved shift quality and responsiveness. The gasoline engine offers up to 21 miles per gallon (MPG) in city driving conditions while the diesel engine offers up to 18 MPG in city driving conditions both engines offer excellent fuel economy when compared to other vehicles in this class! The transmission has a maximum torque capacity of 660 lb.-ft., which allows it to handle heavy loads without issue while providing smooth shifts between gears at all times.

Interior Features – Seating Options and Number of Passengers Carried – Material Types Used in Interior

The interior features on the 2008 Ford F250 include comfortable seating options for up to six passengers depending on configuration; three bench seats can be installed or two bucket seats with center console can be installed whichever you prefer! The interior material used varies depending on trim level but generally consists of vinyl upholstery or cloth seating surfaces combined with faux wood trim accents throughout for added style points!

Interior Safety Features

The 2008 Ford F250 is equipped with a variety of safety features both passive and active to protect passengers in the event of an accident. Passive safety systems that are installed include airbags, seatbelts, and crumple zones. Active safety systems that are installed include traction control, anti-lock brakes, hill-start assist, and roll stability control. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with warning lights and error codes to alert the driver of any potential issues with the vehicle’s performance. The error codes indicate what type of issue is present and can be used to troubleshoot any problems.

Under The Hood Parts Details

Under the hood of the 2008 Ford F250, there are many parts that work together to make up the vehicle’s performance. The alternator capacity for this model is 150 amp and it has a radiator capacity of 20 quarts. It also has a cooling system capacity of 14 quarts and an oil filter capacity of 4 quarts. Furthermore, it has a fuel tank capacity of 43 gallons as well as a fuel pump type of electric direct injection (EDI).

2008 Ford F250 Owners Reviews

The 2008 Ford F250 has received largely positive reviews from owners who have driven it over the years. Drivers have reported that they enjoy its smooth and comfortable ride as well as its powerful engine performance on both city streets and highways alike. Additionally, they have stated that they appreciate its low maintenance costs when it comes to regular upkeep such as oil changes or tire rotations. Overall, drivers seem to agree that this model is reliable and provides excellent value for its price point.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the engine specifications and refrigerant type of 2008 Ford F250?
A: The 2008 Ford F250 has a 6.4L V8 engine with a capacity of CC and 8 cylinders setup. The refrigerant type is R134a.

Q: What is the cooling capacity and system type of the engine cooling system for 2008 Ford F250?
A: The 2008 Ford F250 has an engine cooling system with a capacity of 24 L and a closed-loop type. It also requires special requirements such as an R134a refrigerant.

Q: What are the fuel economy details and transmission capacity of the powertrain overview for 2008 Ford F250?
A: The 2008 Ford F250 has a powertrain overview that includes fuel economy details such as up to 20 mpg in city driving, up to 25 mpg in highway driving, and up to 22 mpg in combined driving. The transmission capacity is 6-speed automatic transmission that features SelectShift capability.

Q: What are the seating options, number of passengers carried, material types used in interior for 2008 Ford F250?
A: The 2008 Ford F250 has seating options for three passengers with cloth or leather upholstery material options used in interior.

Q: What are the passive safety systems installed, active safety systems installed, warning lights and error codes for 2008 Ford F250?
A: The passive safety systems installed on the 2008 Ford F250 include driver’s side air bag, passenger’s side air bag, child-safety locks, etc., while active safety systems include anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control system (TCS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), etc. It also has warning lights such as oil pressure indicator light and check engine light along with error codes like P0171 – System Too Lean Bank 1, P0420 – Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1, etc.

The 2008 Ford F250 has a refrigerant capacity of 17.3 ounces. It is important to use the correct type of refrigerant for your particular vehicle as incorrect refrigerants can damage the system, leading to poor performance and even major repairs. It is also important to follow any instructions from the manufacturer when adding refrigerant, such as checking for leaks before recharging.

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