Upgrade Your Ride with These Rear End Options for Crown Victoria

The Crown Victoria offers a standard 8.8-inch axle or an optional 9.75-inch heavy duty axle as rear end options.

Crown Victoria Rear End Options

The Crown Victoria is an iconic vehicle, loved by car enthusiasts for its distinctive style and long-lasting reliability. When it comes to choosing a rear-end option for your Crown Victoria, there are several excellent options to consider. Depending on the type of driving you intend to do and the performance level you’re aiming for, one or more of these alternatives may be just what you’re looking for. From powerful IRS suspensions to classic solid-axle converters, we’ll go over every Crown Victoria rear end option available. So let’s take a closer look at the options available and make sure your car is geared up for your intended purpose.

Crown Victoria Rear End Options

The Ford Crown Victoria rear end is a reliable and durable component of the vehicle, which has been used in different generations since 1978. It is important to consider the differences between each of the generations, and determine which model year and features best suit your needs. In this article, we will discuss different generations of Ford Crown Victoria rear ends, what options are available for the rear end, standard dimensions and ratios, and non-factory modifications.

Different Generations of Ford Crown Victoria Rear Ends

The first generation of Ford Crown Victoria rear ends was produced from 1978 to 1991. This generation was characterized by its durability and reliability while providing excellent performance. The second generation of Ford Crown Victoria rear ends was produced from 1992 to 2011. This generation featured improved suspension components, increased power output, and more advanced electronics than its predecessor.

Differences in Ford Crown Victoria Rear Ends by Model Year

When shopping for a new or used Ford Crown Victoria rear end, it is important to consider the differences between model years. For example, 1996-2011 models feature improved suspension components compared to earlier models from 1992-1995. Additionally, 1978-1991 models feature simpler mechanical components when compared to newer models.

Limited Slip Differential Options for Ford Crown Victoria Rear Ends

Limited slip differential options can be added to any model year of the Ford Crown Victoria rear end. Limited slip differentials improve overall performance by increasing traction in slippery road conditions such as snow or ice covered roads. The cost associated with adding a limited slip differential will vary depending on make and model year; however it typically ranges between $500-$1000 USD depending on installation labor costs as well as parts needed to complete the job. Installing a limited slip differential requires special tools such as a torque wrench, jack stands, wrenches or sockets set and other related tools that may vary depending on make and model year; it is recommended that this job be completed by an experienced technician who can ensure proper installation for optimal performance benefits.

Standard Crown Victoria Rear End Dimensions and Ratios

The standard dimensions for a Ford Crown Victoria rear end depend on make and model year; however all models typically measure 67 inches long with a width ranging from 41-44 inches wide depending on year/model combination (measurements taken from centerline). Additionally gear ratios vary from 2:73-3:55 depending on make/model combination; higher ratios provide better fuel economy while lower ratios provide greater acceleration capabilities at the cost of lower fuel economy levels.

Non Factory Modifications of the Ford Crown Victoria Rear End

There are several non factory modifications available for the Ford Crown Victoria rear end that can provide improved performance benefits over stock components at an added cost; these modifications include swapping out axle shafts or gearsets with higher strength materials such as carbon fiber or chromoly steel which will improve durability/reliability levels over stock components without sacrificing too much fuel economy gains; additionally installing aftermarket sway bars can help reduce body roll during cornering maneuvers as well as improving overall braking performance due to reduced body movement under hard braking conditions. It is important to consider both pros & cons associated with each type of modification before making any purchase decisions; some modifications may require additional upgrades or labor costs in order to properly install them while others may not offer any noticeable improvement in terms of performance benefits when compared to stock components thus making them not worth investing in unless you have specific requirements that need addressing through aftermarket solutions rather than stock ones.

Ford Crown Victoria Rear End Options

The Ford Crown Victoria is a well-known and reliable car model that has been around for decades. With its impressive performance, solid build and numerous aftermarket parts available, it is no wonder why the Crown Victoria is so popular. However, when it comes to the rear end of the vehicle, there are a few considerations to keep in mind in order to ensure you get the best performance out of your vehicle.

OEM vs Aftermarket Accessibility

When it comes to replacing parts for the Ford Crown Victoria rear end, it is important to consider whether OEM parts or aftermarket parts are available. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are made specifically for a particular car model and will provide you with an exact fit and quality assurance. However, these parts can often be expensive and difficult to find. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are generic replacements that may not have the same fit or quality assurance as OEM counterparts but may be less expensive and easier to find.

Reconditioned Limitations & Quality Concerns

Another option for replacing Ford Crown Victoria rear end components is reconditioned parts. Reconditioned components are typically taken from older vehicles but have been inspected and repaired so they can offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new components. However, one downside of reconditioned components is they may come with certain limitations or quality concerns. For instance, some reconditioned components may not have as long of a lifespan as new components or they may not offer the same level of performance as new components would. Therefore, its important to take into account these potential limitations when considering reconditioned components for your cars rear end.

OEM Replacement Parts Availability

When looking for OEM replacement parts for your Ford Crown Victoria rear end, you should first consider what kind of common problems youre likely to encounter with this particular car model. Some common problems include worn-out suspension bushings, worn-out brake pads or rotors, worn-out wheel bearings or even just general wear and tear over time on any part that sees regular use on the cars rear end such as brakes or shocks.

Once you know what kind of issues you might be dealing with on your cars rear end, you can then look into what types of OEM replacement parts are available for those problems. Many times there will be an exact match part available but in some instances you might need to look into alternate solutions such as aftermarket products that can offer similar performance while still fitting properly on your cars rear end system. Additionally, there may also be repair kits available which include all necessary pieces needed in order to replace certain components on your cars rear end system such as suspension bushings or brake pads/rotors etc

Current Repair Alternatives

For those who dont want to invest in OEM replacement parts or kits due to cost considerations there are several other options available when it comes time for repairs on your Ford Crown Victoria Rear End System such as: remanufactured/reconditioned/refurbished replacements; aftermarket alternatives; universal repair kits; and even do-it-yourself repair options if you feel comfortable doing so yourself!

DIY Repair & Maintenance Tips

If you decide that doing repairs yourself is a viable option then there are several tips that should help make sure everything goes smoothly: understanding how each component works together on your vehicle’s rear end system; troubleshooting any issues before attempting repairs; researching upgrade options if needed; following instructions carefully while installing any new components; ensuring all safety measures are taken during installation; and finally performing regular maintenance checks once everything has been installed correctly! Following these steps will help ensure that your Ford Crown Victoria’s Rear End System continues running at its best for years to come!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the different generations of Ford Crown Victoria rear ends?
A: The different generations of Ford Crown Victoria rear ends are 1st generation (1978-1991) and 2nd generation (1992-2011).

Q: What are the limited slip differential options for Ford Crown Victoria rear ends?
A: The limited slip differential options for Ford Crown Victoria rear ends include equipment and cost differences, as well as limited slip installation processes.

Q: What are the standard dimensions and ratios of the Ford Crown Victoria rear end?
A: The standard dimensions and ratios of the Ford Crown Victoria rear end include width and length measurements, as well as gear ratio variations by year/model.

Q: Are there any non-factory modifications for the Ford Crown Victoria rear end?
A: Yes, there are performance enhancement/upgrade options available for non-factory modifications of the Ford Crown Victoria, such as suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, and engine performance modifications.

Q: How is availability of OEM replacement parts for the Ford Crown Victoria Rear End?
A: OEM replacement parts are widely available for the Ford Crown Victoria Rear End from both aftermarket sources as well as from original equipment manufacturers. In addition, reconditioned parts may also be available from certain sellers with quality assurances in place.

The Crown Victoria has a wide range of rear end options, from the standard 8.8-inch axle to the 9.75-inch axle with limited slip differential. Depending on the application, you can choose from a variety of gear ratios and axle types to suit your needs. The rear end can also be upgraded with aftermarket components such as heavy-duty axles, stronger gears, and adjustable suspension arms for better handling and performance. Ultimately, the best option for your Crown Victoria will depend on your specific needs and driving style.

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