Comparing the Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek: Which is the Best Choice?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a more powerful engine, a smoother ride, and more safety features than the Subaru Crosstrek.

Jeep Cherokee Vs Subaru Crosstrek

The Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek offer two great options for anyone looking for an off-road capable vehicle. Both come well-equipped with powerful engines, advanced safety features, and good fuel economy. So what sets them apart? The Crosstrek has a slightly softer suspension and is more fuel efficient. The Jeep Cherokee is better suited for driving on rough terrain, with its higher ground clearance and four-wheel drive capability. Both offer up to 8 seating capacity and plenty of cargo space., but the Cherokee’s off-road capability gives it the edge when it comes to rugged terrain. In conclusion, while both vehicles have their strengths and weaknesses, they provide great value if you’re looking for an adventure fueled ride.

Engine Power

The Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek are both reliable, capable vehicles, but they differ when it comes to engine power. The Cherokee is available with a range of engines, including a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 270 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The Crosstrek, on the other hand, is only available with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine producing 152 horsepower and 145 lb-ft of torque. This means the Cherokee has significantly more power than the Crosstrek and can tow up to 4500 lbs., while the Crosstrek can only tow up to 1500 lbs.

Towing Capacity

The Jeep Cherokee offers much better towing capacity than the Subaru Crosstrek thanks to its powerful engine. The Cherokee can tow up to 4500 lbs., while the Crosstrek is limited to just 1500 lbs. Both vehicles are equipped with standard trailer sway control, but the Cherokee also offers an optional trailer hitch receiver and trailer tow group package for even more capability.


When it comes to interior comfort and convenience features, both the Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek have plenty to offer drivers. The Cherokee offers a roomy cabin with plenty of headroom and legroom for passengers in both rows of seating, plus an array of optional comfort features like heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, and leather upholstery. The Crosstrek also has comfortable seating for five passengers but doesn’t offer quite as many luxury amenities as the Cherokee does.

Cost Considerations

When choosing between these two vehicles, cost should be taken into consideration as well. The Jeep Cherokee has a starting MSRP of $25,840 while the Subaru Crosstrek starts at $22,145making it slightly more affordable than its Jeep counterpart. Additionally, long term maintenance costs will likely be higher for the Jeep due to its larger engine compared to that of the Subaru’s smaller powerplant.

Performance on Off-Road Adventures

If you’re looking for a vehicle that can handle off-road terrain with ease then you’ll want one that offers good traction and stability when driving over rough ground. In this regard, both vehicles are pretty evenly matchedeach offering all-wheel drive systems that provide excellent grip in all types of terrain. However, if you’re looking for more advanced off-roading performance then you’ll want to opt for the Jeep as it offers selectable drive modes which allow you to tailor your experience depending on road conditions or your desired level of performance on specific terrains such as snow or mud roads.

Safety Features Onboard

Both cars come with airbags designed to protect occupants during an accident along with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) which help provide better control when braking hard in slippery conditions such as snow or ice covered roads. Additionally, both have advanced crash detection systems that can alert drivers if they become distracted while driving or if they approach another vehicle too quickly at high speedsalthough these features may not be included in all trim levels so make sure you check before buying either car if safety is a top priority for you.

Connectivity & Entertainment Systems

Both vehicles come standard with infotainment systems integrated into their dashboards allowing drivers to access music streaming services like Spotify or Pandora along with navigation functions like Google Maps or Apple Maps from their smartphones via Bluetooth connectivity or USB ports located within their cabins . For those looking for superior sound quality there’s also options available such as premium audio packages from Bose or Harman Kardon which give music lovers crystal clear audio quality no matter what type of music they’re playing from their device . Finally , both cars feature customizable display settings allowing drivers access their most used functions quickly without having search through menus .

Exterior Aesthetic Comparison

When it comes to exterior aesthetics, there are some distinct differences between the Jeep Cherokee and the Subaru Crosstrek. At first glance, the difference in front profile design is quite noticeable. The Jeep Cherokee has an angular, rugged look with its signature seven-slot grille that gives it a more aggressive look. The Subaru Crosstrek on the other hand has a more curvy and softer profile, which is more in line with the crossovers that have become popular in recent years.

The roof rack utility and available storage options differ significantly between these two vehicles as well. The Jeep Cherokee offers two sets of crossbars for upping your cargo capacity while the Crosstrek only has one set of crossbars available. This limits what you can carry on top of your vehicle if you choose the Subaru option.

Dimensions and Weight Considerations

When it comes to dimensions and weight consideration, there are some major differences between these two vehicles as well. The Jeep Cherokee is larger than the Subaru Crosstrek with a wheelbase that measures 105.1 inches compared to 102 inches for the Crosstrek. This means that the Jeep Cherokee will have more interior space for passengers and cargo than its Subaru counterpart. The Jeep Cherokee also weighs slightly more than the Crosstrek at 3,979 lbs compared to 3,308 lbs for the Crosstrek.

Color and Customization Availability

The color options for both vehicles are quite similar with both offering many different shades of white, black, gray and silver as well as some brighter colors like blue or red depending on which model you choose. However, when it comes to customization options, there is a clear winner here the Jeep Cherokee offers much more in terms of aftermarket parts and accessories than what is available for the Crosstrek making it an attractive option for those looking to customize their vehicle to their own personal tastes or needs.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the differences between Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek?
A: The main differences between Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek are engine power, towing capacity, interior, cost considerations, performance on off-road adventures, safety features onboard, connectivity and entertainment systems, exterior aesthetic comparison, dimensions and weight considerations and color and customization availability.

Q: What are the cost considerations for Jeep Cherokee vs Subaru Crosstrek?
A: The cost considerations for Jeep Cherokee vs Subaru Crosstrek include purchasing price and long term maintenance cost.

Q: What performance can be expected from Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek on off-road adventures?
A: On off-road adventures, the Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek offer good traction and stability as well as good terrain selection performance.

Q: What safety features are available in Jeep Cherokee vs Subaru Crosstrek?
A: Both the Jeep Cherokee and the Subaru Crosstrek offer airbags and crash detection systems as well as anti lock braking system (ABS).

Q: What exterior aesthetic differences exist between Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Crosstrek?
A: Exterior aesthetic differences between the Jeep Cherokee and the Subaru Crosstrek include front profile design differences as well as rooftop rack utility options available for extra storage.

The Jeep Cherokee and the Subaru Crosstrek are both reliable, capable off-road vehicles that offer a great driving experience. The Jeep Cherokee is a larger vehicle with more power, but the Subaru Crosstrek is more fuel-efficient. Ultimately, it comes down to what you value in an off-road vehicle, but both the Jeep Cherokee and the Subaru Crosstrek offer great value for money and are sure to provide a great driving experience.

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