Learn How to Identify the Date Code of a Remington Model 514 Rifle

The Remington Model 514 has a date code stamped on the barrel or receiver to indicate the year of manufacture.

Remington Model 514 Date Code

The Remington Model 514 is a bolt-action rifle known for its accuracy and reliable construction. Manufactured between 1936 and 1965, each model has a unique date code stamped onto its barrel. This code can be used to quickly identify the specific production year of the rifle. To decode the Date Code stamped on your Remington Model 514, break it into two parts – the first two letters and the last four numbers. The first two letters provide an alphabetic expression of the date code, while the last four numbers indicate precise production year with day and month specificity. For example, a Serial Number beginning with JL would correspond to October 36, while a Serial Number beginning with RA would correspond to April 12. With this information in hand, owners of the Remington Model 514 can identify when their individual firearm was made and enjoy this accurate piece of American gun history for many years to come.

Remington Model 514 Date Code

The Remington Model 514 is a single shot bolt action rimfire rifle produced by Remington Arms from 1940 to 1966. It was the first bolt action rifle made by Remington and was sold to the public as an inexpensive alternative to their Model 24 autoloading rifle. The Remington Model 514 has been viewed as a landmark in American firearms history due to its unique design, reliable performance, and affordability.

Features of Remington Model 514

When it was introduced, the Remington Model 514 was praised for its simple and efficient design. Its features include: a single shot bolt-action magazine fed with a 10-round capacity; a 22 barrel with open sights; a receiver milled from solid steel; an adjustable trigger; checkered walnut stock; and sling swivels. Its specifications include a length of 38 and a weight of 6 lbs., making it lightweight yet durable for all types of shooting activities.


The design of the Remington Model 514 is simple yet effective. It has an open-top action that allows for easy loading and unloading, as well as a 3-position safety system that prevents accidental discharges. The rifle also features adjustable iron sights, as well as adjustable trigger pull weights which can be adjusted to suit the shooter’s needs. Additionally, the receiver is machined from solid steel which provides added durability and strength to the rifle.

History of Remington Model 514

The Remington Model 514 was first manufactured in 1940 by the Marlin Firearms Company, acquired by Remington Arms in 1940. Production continued until 1966 when it was discontinued because of declining sales due to competition from other popular rimfire rifles such as the Savage Model 24 or Winchester 9422 rifle. Despite this fact, the Remington Model 514 still remains an iconic firearm in American history due to its reliable performance and low cost when compared to other rifles on the market at that time.

Manufacturing Dates

Production of the Remington Model 514 ran between 1940-1966 when it was discontinued due to declining sales attributed mainly to competition from other popular rimfire rifles on the market at that time. The manufacturing dates for these firearms can be determined by checking their date codes which are located on top of the barrel near where it meets the receiver. The date codes consist of two letters followed by two or three numbers signifying year of manufacture followed by month code (A=January B=February etc). For example: “AA 12” signifies manufacture in December 1950 while “AB 12” would signify January 1951 production date. This information can be used not only for determining manufacturing dates but also for identifying different variants or versions produced during different periods of production run such as those with different stocks or other differences in components or features between variants produced at different times throughout its production run.


Despite being discontinued over 50 years ago, The Remington Model 514 still remains an iconic firearm in American history due its reliable performance, low cost compared to other rifles on market at time, and unique design features such as its open-top action which allowed easy loading/unloading capabilities not found on many other rimfire rifles at time production ceased in 1966 . Additionally legacy left behind model 514 can still be seen today many modern firearms designs having been influenced some degree development model example being Marlin’s XT series rimfire bolt action rifles whose ergonomics styling share many similarities original model making clear what remarkable success story became upon release mid 20th century becoming one most widely used rimfire firearms ever made United States now held fondly place hearts many today who remember fondly their own experiences owning one these classic firearms over half century later since initial introduction into marketplace back 1940’s .

Ammunition Types Suited with Remington Model 514

The ammunition types best suited for use with this rifle are standard .22 Long Rifle (LR) cartridges with lead bullets weighing between 40 grains (gr.) up to 60 grs.. This is because heavier bullets may not have sufficient velocity due to shorter barrel lengths found on this model while lighter bullets may not provide sufficient accuracy even when using higher velocity cartridges due their lack mass needed stabilize them during flight down range resulting greater deviation target than desired . Additionally there some reports use longer heavier hollow point projectiles having limited success however these generally require high velocities become accurate more than what available out regular LR loads therefore should avoided unless shooter willing pay premium specialty ammunition order achieve desired results .

Barrel Length and Bore Type Consideration

The barrel length found on this model is 22 with bore type being rifled meaning lands grooves cut into bore twist rate 1 turn every 16 inches allowing bullet spin stabilize trajectory down range however longer barrels typically have better accuracy results true here case well since added length gives bullet more time accelerate before exiting muzzle resulting higher velocities improved accuracy down range . In addition shorter barrels tend be bit louder than longer counterparts due increased pressure gas expansion rate exiting them so if shooter looking suppress sound signature then might consider getting longer barrel option available some models .

Gauge Variance and Performance Measurement

This particular model is chambered for .22 LR but there have been reports successful use of other calibers such as .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire) which can provide increased velocity better terminal ballistics depending situation however one must consider that ammo outside regular LR loadings can result greater wear tear on firearm itself along possibility decreased accuracy depending quality ammunition used well so should taken into consideration before attempting use any non standard calibers out this particular model . As far measuring performance goes most shooters generally report using standard 50 gr lead round nose ammo results good accuracy especially when combined light trigger pull setting up 1 lbs lower than normal factory setting along proper sight alignment aiming techniques result groups within 2 inches 100 yard target shooting conditions although certain types specialty ammo may able achieve even better results given conditions variables involved shooting activities always best test fire your own rifle regular basis keep track group size each type ammo used order get best possible accuracy out your particular firearm setup .

<\ h3 > It important owners keep their firearms clean order maintain function reliability over lifetime ownership fortunately cleaning process itself quite simple requiring only few basic tools like cleaning rod patches solvent brush along few other items depending individual shooter’s choice method keeping gun clean includes disassembling parts necessary remove any dirt buildup inside barrel chamber then running patch soaked solvent through bore few times until patch comes out clean wiping down outside metal parts including receiver stock area make sure no rust developing anywhere especially if gun exposed moisture any kind then reassembling entire gun after drying off excess solvent check all screws tight ensure nothing loose that could cause malfunction during operation also important lubricate moving parts occasionally prevent excessive wear tear taking place especially after extended periods shooting continuous firing otherwise should done least once year intervals maintain peak performance out your gun long term ownership .

< h3Tools Required for Cleaning Upkeeping <\ h3 > Cleaning kit used remove dirt debris build inside barrel chamber usually consists cleaning rod bore brush patches lubricant cloth general purpose grease all items necessary properly clean gun without causing any damage internals while doing so additional items such copper remover solvent help keep things running smoothly they could also come handy removing stubborn carbon buildup found around chamber throat area where bullet passes through prior entering actual bore itself some shooters also opt invest specialized cleaning kits containing solvents oils specifically designed certain types guns although these often more expensive considered luxury items rather than necessity most situations

< h3Strategies Functionality Preservation Over Time <\ h3 > In addition proper maintenance essential preserving functionality your gun over time there few strategies incorporate ensure you get most out your firearm life possible first practice good storage habits keeping gun away extreme temperatures both hot cold avoid rust corrosion forming second inspect gun regularly look signs wear tear check system lubrication points often make sure no dirt buildup anywhere third practice regular cleaning even if haven’t shot recently since sitting idle several weeks months still accumulates dust grime just like everything else fourth practice responsible handling maintaining safe distance muzzle others when firing lastly only use recommended caliber ammunition supplied manufacturer avoid using wrong type loadings order prevent unnecessary damage internals resulting serious malfunctions later down road following all these steps help preserve longevity life your firearm ultimately allowing enjoy years come without worry about malfunctioning issues arising from improper care neglect

< h3Common Problems Faced With Shooters <\ h3 > Although reliable durable nature makes ideal candidate variety shooting activities users sometimes face issues commonly associated certain types guns example one common complaint lack adequate accuracy encountered some cases despite all appropriate maintenance practices followed another problem shooters face malfunctioning issues caused improper handling incorrect ammunition being loaded into rifle lastly certain models known suffer loss power over long distances due shorter barrel lengths found them however most problems addressed easily following proper maintenance procedures using correct caliber ammunition whenever possible while remaining vigilant lookout signs wear tear corrosion ensure optimal performance each outing

< h3Ammunition Related Troubleshooting Methods <\ h3 > If you are experiencing problems related ammunition selection then start testing various kinds available try determine best option given specific situation example if you are having difficulty achieving accurate groups try switching heavier lighter bullets see difference might make another tip try varying powder charges find sweet spot between velocity pressure allowing shots remain consistent each outing above advice should taken account light fact conditions variables involved never same twice therefore experiment little find what works best given environment equipment setup shooters currently working under lastly always remember consult

Remington Model 514 Date Code

The Remington Model 514 rifle series is one of the most popular rifles among hunters and shooters, thanks to its accurate performance and affordability. The Remington Model 514 rifle has been around since the mid-1960s and has seen numerous updates over the years. It is a bolt-action rifle that can be used for various hunting purposes, such as small game hunting and target shooting. In this article, we will discuss the performance ratings for this series of rifles in the industry, its popularity amongst hunting purposes, its accessories that enhance use, and price determination factors.

Performance Ratings for Remington Model 514 Rifles in the Industry

Market reviews from current shooters and hunters are one of the best ways to determine how well a rifle performs. Reviews from professionals who have tested the rifle can be very helpful in gauging its accuracy and reliability. Additionally, review scores by reviewers & bloggers often provide an indication of how well a particular model is performing in the market.

Popularity of Remington Model 514 Series Amongst Hunting Purposes

When it comes to hunting purposes, setting recommendations according to target species is important when it comes to choosing a suitable rifle. This allows hunters to get an idea of which type of rifle will be best suited for their needs. Additionally, comparison of accomplishments across versions can help determine which version performs better than others when it comes to certain types of hunts or settings.

Accessories That Enhance the Use of the Remington Model 514 Rifle

When it comes to enhancing use for this particular series of rifles, replacement parts compliance with design specification should be considered when making upgrades or additions. Additionally, additions suited to handheld shooting movements can also help improve accuracy and overall performance when out in the field.

Price Determination Factors of The Remington Model 514 Rifle Series

When it comes to price determination factors for this series of rifles, availability difference based on locales should be taken into consideration as some models may only be available in certain areas while others may not even be available at all. Additionally, secondary market value predictions under special circumstances can also help narrow down what would be an appropriate price range for any given model or version.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the features of the Remington Model 514?
A: The Remington Model 514 is a bolt-action rifle designed for medium- to long-range shooting. It has an adjustable trigger, a single shot capacity, a three-position safety, and a 25 inch barrel.

Q: What is the history of the Remington Model 514?
A: The Remington Model 514 was first manufactured in 1938 and discontinued in 1962. It was developed as an economical alternative to the more expensive Model 30 with similar performance and features. During its production run, it was available in .22 short, long, and LR calibers.

Q: What types of ammunition can be used with the Remington Model 514?
A: The barrel length and bored type of the Remington Model 514 should be taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate ammunition for use. It is recommended to use .22 short, long, or LR caliber ammunition for optimal performance.

Q: What maintenance and care tips should be followed by owners of the Remington Model 514?
A: To ensure proper functioning of the Remington Model 514 over time, it is recommended that owners clean their rifle regularly with appropriate tools such as bore cleaners and gun oil. Additionally, it is important to inspect all parts for wear or damage before every use.

Q: What are some common problems faced by shooters using a Remington Model 514 rifle?
A: Some common issues faced by shooters using a Remington Model 514 include misfires due to improper ammunition selection or loading, poor accuracy due to incorrect positioning or improper sight alignment, and difficulty in extraction due to inadequate cleaning or lubrication. Troubleshooting methods such as inspecting chamber dimensions and checking cartridge primers can help address these problems.

The Remington Model 514 was produced from 1939 to 1965 and can be identified by its unique date code stamp. The date code is located in the same location on all models, just above the trigger on the bottom of the receiver. This code provides important information about when a gun was made, allowing it to be dated. Knowing the date code is essential for any collector and shooter who wishes to know how old a particular Remington Model 514 is.

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