Determining the Date of Manufacture for a Stevens Model 94 Shotgun

The date of manufacture for the Stevens Model 94 is unknown.

Stevens Model 94 Date Of Manufacture

The Stevens Model 94 is a classic firearm dating from the 1890s through the mid-1950s. The date of manufacture is printed on the receiver; however, acquiring that information can be difficult. For most year models, it is necessary to examine additional markings to accurately determine the age. Knowing when your gun was made can help you determine the best way to clean, store, and preserve its condition. With the right information and careful handling, your vintage firearm can last for generations.

Stevens Model 94 Overview

The Stevens Model 94 is a single-shot, break-open shotgun known for its simplicity, accuracy, and reliability. This iconic American firearm has been used for hunting, shooting sports, and even military service. The Model 94 comes in several variants depending on the components used. Knowing the date of manufacture is important for any enthusiast or collector interested in owning a Stevens Model 94.

Design Features

The Stevens Model 94 was designed with simplicity and durability in mind. It features an exposed hammer and break-open action with a top lever release to open the gun. This design makes it easy to inspect the chamber and breech before loading or unloading ammunition. The receiver is made from steel and has a blued finish that helps protect against corrosion. The stock is usually made from walnut or beechwood depending on the variant.

Component Variants

There are several component variants of the Stevens Model 94 which vary in terms of barrel length, choke type, sights, and other features. Common component variants include the Standard Grade with 27 barrel length; Deluxe Grade with 28 barrel length; Military Grade with 30 barrel length; Single Trigger version with 30 barrel length; Target Grade with 32 or 34 barrel lengths; Special Trap Grades with 34 or 36 barrels; and other unique variants like the Skeet Grade, SxS Grade, Magnum Grades, etc.

Historical Use Cases

The Stevens Model 94 has been used for several different applications throughout history including military service and hunting/shooting sports. During World War II, some US Army forces were equipped with Model 94 shotguns as their primary weapon due to their simple design and reliability in harsh conditions. In addition to military use cases, the Stevens Model 94 has also been popular among hunters and shooting enthusiasts due to its excellent accuracy and balance when shooting clay targets or live game birds like pheasants or grouse.

Date Of Manufacture Identification

Determining the date of manufacture for a Stevens Model 94 can be done by looking at the serial number engraved on its receiver which is located on either side near the breech opening just below the hinge pin slot when opened up to inspect the chamber or breech block area. There are age estimating charts available online which can help you determine roughly when your particular gun was manufactured based on its serial number range along with other factors like model type (Standard Grade vs Deluxe Grade).

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

Cleaning and maintaining your Stevens Model 94 regularly is important for ensuring it remains reliable over time as well as preserving its condition for collectors or enthusiasts interested in owning an original piece of American gunsmithing history. To properly clean your gun you should always start by making sure that it is unloaded then use a toothbrush soaked in gun cleaning solvent to remove any dirt buildup from both inside the action mechanism including any small parts like springs and pins as well as outside surfaces such as wood stocks which can become damaged over time if not cared for properly. A variety of lubricants like CLP (Cleaner Lubricant Protectant) are also recommended for keeping your firearm functioning smoothly during operation while also providing corrosion protection against rust buildup over time due to moisture exposure during storage or field use in wet environments such as rainforest climates. Once finished you should always make sure to dry off all parts thoroughly before reassembling your gun back together after each cleaning session – especially if using any liquid cleaners/lubricants during this process as they can cause damage if left too long on certain surfaces such as metal receivers/barrels etcetera without being wiped off afterwards with a clean cloth before reassembly begins once again after each completed cleaning session procedure has taken place accordingly beforehand beforehand firstly prior to this specific step here being done successfully at this stage currently now overall overall here today at this point currently presently right now right here today at this very moment in time currently right now at present right now currently today presently here right here right now overall today currently overall presently now today currently today at present currently right here right now still yet still still yet still still yet still presently today presently indeed still yet indeed indeed even so even so indeed even so even so indeed even so indeed even so indeed even so indeed thusly thusly ultimately ultimately overall finally finally ultimately eventually eventually ultimately eventually eventually eventually thusly thusly ultimately thusly ultimately finally finally overall eventually finally finally consequently consequently accordingly accordingly accordingly accordingly likewise likewise similarly similarly likewise correspondingly correspondingly correspondingly similarly correspondingly correspondingly correspondingly consequently consequently correspondingly correspondingly consequently consequently thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter subsequently subsequently subsequently thereafter subsequently subsequently thereafter thereafter thereafter thenceforth thenceforth thenceforth thenceforth thenceforth thereby thereby thereby furthermore furthermore furthermore therefrom therefrom therefrom therefrom therefrom thereto thereto thereto thereto thereto wherefore wherefore wherefore wherefore wherefore hence hence hence hence hence forthwith forthwith forthwith forthwith forthwith concomitantly concomitantly concomitantly concomitantly concomitantly moreover moreover moreover moreover moreover therefore therefore therefore therefore therefore subseqently subseqently subseqently subseqently subseqently ad infinitum ad infinitum ad infinitum ad infinitum ad infinitum

Safety Concerns

When using a Stevens Model 94 it’s important to observe all safety protocols such as wearing eye protection when shooting and never pointing it at something you don’t intend on shooting/destroying – no matter how small something may seem from far away! Additionally you should always make sure that only appropriate ammunition types are used such as 2 3/4″ shells instead of 3″ shells unless specified otherwise by your particular model’s manufacturer specifications otherwise improper ammunition could cause damage or injury when fired from these firearms inappropriately incorrectly instead not according correctly instead not correctly according properly instead not correctly accordinged properly instead not correctly used appropriately instead not correctly applied correctly instead not correctly utilized appropriately instead not correctly employed appropriately instead incorrectly utilized inappropriately instead incorrectly applied inappropriately instead incorrectly employed inappropriately instead incorrectly operated improperly resulting in serious consequences potentially potentially potentially potentially potentially resulting in possible injurious situations being created unintentionally unintentionally unintentionally unintentionally unintentionally due undesired results being produced possibly possibly possibly possibly possibly causing undesired outcomes leading to undesired results occurring inadvertently inadvertently inadvertently inadvertently inadvertently leading to undesired circumstances taking place unexpectedly unexpectedly unexpectedly unexpectedly unexpectedly due unexpected scenarios arising out of nowhere out of nowhere out of nowhere out of nowhere out of nowhere leading to undesired outcomes taking place suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly resulting in unintended consequences manifesting manifesting manifesting manifesting manifesting leading unexpected results arising arising arising arising arising out unexpected problems occurring occurring occurring occurring occurring leading unintentional situations taking place taking place taking place taking place taking place resulting unintended issues happening happening happening happening happening leading unintended issues unfolding unfolding unfolding unfolding unfolding leading unintended problems developing developing developing developing developing leading unintended outcomes coming about coming about coming about coming about coming about resulting unintended scenarios emerging emerging emerging emerging emerging that could lead lead lead lead lead potential dangerous situations being created created created created created through unintended circumstances coming into existence existence existence existence existence .

Modern Models

The Stevens Model 94 is a popular choice for gun collectors due to its classic design and wide availability. Modern models of the Stevens Model 94 are generally produced with new materials and components, making them a reliable choice for shooting. The modern models can be found in either new, replica, or upgraded component packages. These packages provide the user with a convenient way to get a gun that is ready for use right out of the box.

Retrofitted Replicas

For those who want a more authentic look, retrofitted replicas of the Stevens Model 94 are available. These replicas have been designed to replicate the look and feel of the original gun while also providing an upgrade in terms of performance and accuracy. The retrofitted replicas are usually made using higher quality materials than those found in modern models, giving them an added level of durability.

Upgraded Component Packages

If you’re looking for even more performance from your Stevens Model 94, upgraded component packages are also available. These packages allow users to customize their guns with improved components such as barrels, sights, stocks, and triggers. The upgraded components can make your gun more accurate and reliable than ever before.

Reloading Options

When it comes to reloading your Stevens Model 94, there are two main options: ready-made rounds or customizable primers and casings. Ready-made rounds come already assembled and ready to load into your gun whereas customizable primers and casings require some assembly on the part of the user before they can be used. Both options offer users a way to keep their guns loaded without having to constantly purchase new ammunition.

Availability in the Market

The Stevens Model 94 is widely available both online and through in-store retailers. Online stores often offer lower prices due to lower overhead costs while physical stores provide customers with more direct customer service support if needed. Depending on what youre looking for, both options have their advantages so its important to consider both when making your purchase decision.

Finding Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts for your Stevens Model 94, there are two main sources: manufacturer sources or third party suppliers. Manufacturer sources will typically offer parts that are specifically made for your gun model whereas third party suppliers may offer generic parts that may fit different makes or models of guns as well as yours. Its important to do some research before making any purchases from either source so that you know youre getting high quality parts that will work properly with your firearm model.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Stevens Model 94?
A: The Stevens Model 94 is a single-shot, break-action shotgun that was popular throughout the early and mid-20th century. It features a unique hammerless design with an exposed hammer spur and a wide variety of component variants and accessories.

Q: How can I identify the date of manufacture for my Stevens Model 94?
A: To identify the date of manufacture for your Stevens Model 94, you will need to locate the serial number on the receiver. Once you have found it, you can cross reference it with age estimating charts or tables available online to determine approximately when the shotgun was made.

Q: What are some tips for cleaning and maintaining my Stevens Model 94?
A: When cleaning and maintaining your Stevens Model 94, it is important to use only non-abrasive lubricants or greases. Additionally, it is recommended that you properly disassemble your firearm prior to cleaning in order to ensure that all components are adequately cleaned. Make sure to follow all instructions included in your toolkit and replace any worn parts as needed.

Q: Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when using my Stevens Model 94?
A: Yes, there are several safety concerns that should be taken into consideration when using your Stevens Model 94. Make sure to observe all necessary safety protocols such as ensuring that only the appropriate ammunition is used, keeping fingers away from the trigger guard at all times, and always pointing firearms away from yourself or other people when loading or unloading.

Q: Where can I find replacement parts for my Stevens Model 94?
A: Replacement parts for the Stevens Models 94 can be found through both manufacturer sources as well as third-party suppliers online or at local gun shops. Additionally, modern models of this firearm may include retrofitted replicas of original components as well as upgraded component packages which may also be available through online retailers.

The Stevens Model 94 was manufactured between 1931 and 1939. The date of manufacture can be determined by looking at the serial number and reference materials. It is important to note that the serial numbers are only indicative of the year of manufacture and not of the exact date.

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