2018 Ford Fusion Shift System Fault Recall: What You Should Know About the Latest Recall

Ford issued a recall in 2018 for the Ford Fusion models due to a shift system fault.

2018 Ford Fusion Shift System Fault Recall

In 2018, Ford issued a recall of their Fusion model, due to a Shift System Fault. The affected vehicles may be set on an electronic gear shift that could cause drivers to mistakenly believe their cars are in park mode even when it’s in another gear. With this being said, the defect can lead to an increased risk of accidents or injury for both you and your passengers. To address this issue, Ford has urged owners to bring their Fusion models into authorized dealerships as soon as possible for a full inspection and repair, free of charge. This recall applies to a wide range of Ford Fusion vehicles manufactured between 2014 and 2018including hybrid and EcoBoost modelsso if you have one of these cars, make sure you check to see if it is in fact part of the recall.

2018 Ford Fusion Shift System Fault Recall

In 2018, Ford issued a recall on certain models of the Ford Fusion due to a shift system fault. This fault could potentially cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle, leading to an increased risk of an accident. As a result, this has caused concern among customers who own or use these vehicles and those who are considering purchasing them in the future.

Acknowledging the Fault by Ford

Ford has acknowledged that there is a fault with the shift system in certain models of the Ford Fusion and has taken action to rectify it. The company has stated that they are taking all necessary measures to ensure customer satisfaction and safety by replacing any affected parts with new ones. They have also implemented an extended warranty for all models affected by this issue and are offering free inspections at their authorized service centers to identify any potential issues with the shift system.

What Does Company Say?

In response to this issue, Ford has said that they are committed to ensuring customer safety and that they take every precaution to ensure our vehicles are safe. They have also stated that they will continue to monitor the situation and take further action as required if needed.

Action Plan for Consumers

Ford recommends that customers who own or use these vehicles take immediate steps to get their vehicles inspected at an authorized service center in order to identify any potential problems with the shift system. The company is also offering free inspections at their authorized service centers for customers who believe their vehicle may be affected by this issue. Additionally, customers can contact their local dealership or Ford customer service center for more information on how they can get their vehicle inspected or repaired if necessary.

Different Models Affected By This Issue

The 2018 Ford Fusion is not the only model impacted by this issue; other car models including the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Edge, Flex, MKX, MKT, Explorer and Lincoln Navigator may also be affected by this fault as well as select versions of each model from 2017-2019. Additionally, some early production models of these vehicles built between December 2016 and October 2017 may also be impacted by this issue too.

Car Models List Affected By The Recall

The following is a list of car models affected by this recall: 2017-2019 Edge, Flex, MKX, MKT Explorer and Lincoln Navigator as well as select versions of each model from 2017-2019 which were built between December 2016 until October 2017.

Impact Of Ford Vehicles In Different Regions Of US

This recall affects different regions of US differently due to different driving conditions in those regions; for example winter conditions in some states may increase the risk posed by this fault due icy roads or other adverse weather conditions which could lead to more accidents if drivers lose control of their cars because of it. As such it is important for customers in these regions to get their cars inspected even more regularly than usual so as reduce any associated risks posed by this recall issue.

Is It A Serious Safety Hazard For Drivers?

This recall could potentially pose a serious safety hazard for drivers due its impact on driver control over their vehicle; however it should be noted that no accidents have been directly linked with this issue yet but it is important for customers who own or use these vehicles take steps now so as reduce any potential risks posed by it should an accident occur due its effects on driver control over their vehicle .

Risks Associated With Faulty Shifting System?

The risks associated with faulty shifting systems can include loss of power or engine stalling which could lead drivers losing control over their vehicles; additionally there is also increased risk from misfiring engines which can lead sudden jerking motions while driving which could cause an accident if not managed correctly .

Faulty Parts And Its Life Cycle Cost To Fix Problem? The cost associated with fixing faulty shifting systems varies depending on factors such as make/model/year etc., however generally speaking it usually ranges between $200 – $1 000 depending on what parts need replacing; additionally there may be additional life cycle costs associated such as labor costs etc., particularly if you choose go down DIY route instead of getting your car serviced professionally .

< h 2 >Are Customers Concerned About The Fault? Yes , many customers are concerned about this fault due its potential impact on driver control over their vehicle; however , most customers understand that no accidents have been directly linked with this issue yet but they still want assurance from Ford that steps are being taken address any potential risks posed by it .

< h 2 >What Are Affected Customers’ Views About The Recall? Most affected customers seem pleased about Fords response addressing the issues raised about faulty shifting systems , with many expressing relief that steps are being taken address any potential risks posed by them . However , some customers have expressed concerns about how long it might take before all affected parts can replaced , particularly those living in colder climates where winter weather conditions increase chances misadventure from faulty shifting systems .

< h 2 >Are Those Already Faced With Problems Complaining About It ? Yes , some people already faced problems related faulty shifting systems have expressed dissatisfaction with Fords response so far ; they feel like Fords actions don’t adequately address issues raised regarding faulty shifting systems and are asking them do more ensure customer safety going forward .

2018 Ford Fusion Shift System Fault Recall

In 2018, Ford issued a recall for the faulty shift system in its Ford Fusion models due to a defect that could cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. This was a serious issue as it posed a risk to the safety of drivers and passengers. In response to this recall, Ford took several steps in order to resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

Different Steps Taken by Ford for Problem Resolution Due to Recall

The first step taken by Ford was to repair the faulty shift system in all affected vehicles free of charge. They also took steps to ensure that customers were aware of this recall and had access to the necessary information about how to get their vehicles fixed. In addition, Ford provided complimentary loaner cars for customers whose vehicles needed extensive repairs due to the fault.

Is Company Aware of Criticality of Issue and Implementing Steps to Resolve it Quickly?

Ford was aware of the criticality of this issue and they implemented steps quickly in order to ensure that all affected vehicles were repaired as soon as possible. They also created a website dedicated solely to this recall with detailed information regarding repair procedures and contact information for customer service representatives who could answer any questions related to the recall.

Along with Repair, Are There Any Other Services Implemented?

In addition to repair services, Ford also implemented other services such as complimentary roadside assistance for customers whose vehicles were affected by this fault. They also offered extended warranty coverage on vehicles that had been repaired under this recall program so that customers could rest assured that their cars would be covered if any further issues arose due to the fault.

Ford’s Response To The Lawsuits Filed Against Them Due To The Faulty Shift System

Due to numerous lawsuits being filed against them regarding this issue, Ford has taken several steps in order to address these concerns. These include offering settlement payments on individual claims or collective class action suits related to this faulty shift system as well as providing legal representation for those who wish to pursue legal action against them due to the incident.

Legal Implications On Ford Due To This Issue

The legal implications on Ford due to this issue are still uncertain at present but there is potential for criminal charges being filed against them if any negligence can be proven on their part regarding the defective shift system. Additionally, there could be severe reputational damage caused by negative press coverage and public outcry which could have long-term effects on their business operations moving forward.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Ford Fusion Shift System Recall?
A: Ford Fusion Shift System Recall is the recall which was issued by the company in 2018 due to a fault in its shift system. The fault was related to certain models of the Ford Fusion vehicles that had a faulty shifting system, leading to risks associated with safe driving.

Q: What models are affected by this issue?
A: The following models of Ford Fusion vehicles are affected by this recall – 2013-2016 Ford Fusion and 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ. These cars were sold primarily in North America, but some have been distributed globally as well.

Q: Is it a serious safety hazard for drivers?
A: Yes, the faulty shifting system can potentially be dangerous for drivers as it can lead to difficulties such as unexpected acceleration or delayed gear shifts while driving. It also poses a risk to other road users as well as pedestrians.

Q: Are customers concerned about the fault?
A: Yes, customers who have experienced problems with their vehicles are concerned about this recall and want to know what steps they should take in order to get their cars fixed. Customers who have not yet faced any issues with their cars are also aware of the potential risks associated with the faulty shifting system and are taking steps to ensure that their vehicles are safe on the roads.

Q: What steps has Ford taken for problem resolution due to recall?
A: In response to this recall, Ford has taken several steps for problem resolution such as providing free repairs for affected cars, issuing technical service bulletins and conducting product improvement campaigns. Additionally, they have also set up an online portal where customers can track their repair status and submit any additional questions or concerns that they may have about their vehicle’s safety.

The 2018 Ford Fusion Shift System Fault Recall was a major recall that affected many Ford Fusion vehicles in 2018. The fault was caused by an electronic control module, which could lead to the car suddenly shifting into neutral while driving. Ford took quick action and issued a recall to repair the issue, as well as offering a customer satisfaction program to ensure that owners of affected vehicles were satisfied with the repair. Overall, although this recall caused some inconvenience for owners of affected vehicles, it was necessary for their safety and for the safety of other drivers on the road.

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