Troubleshooting Tips for Why Your Arctic Cat ATV Won’t Start and Just Turns Over

The Arctic Cat ATV is not starting and appears to only be turning over.

Arctic Cat Atv Wont Start Just Turns Over

An Arctic Cat ATV not starting can be frustrating, and understanding why it won’t start is key before attempting to repair the problem. If your ATV will not start, but only turns over, there are various possible causes ranging from insufficient fuel and spark to more complex issues with the starter motor or ignition switch. In order to resolve the issue, it’s important to check for fuel and spark first before exploring more complex components such as the starter motor or ignition switch. If fuel is present and spark is absent, then other factors such as a clogged air filter, worn-out spark plug, poor electrical connections and more could be leading to the issue. If there is no fuel present or it isnt delivering proper pressure, this could be to blame as well. Lastly, if neither of these issues are found, an improperly adjusted carburetor could also be the cause of your ATV not starting. By carefully inspecting each potential problem area and making targeted repairs you can troubleshoot why your Arctic Cat ATV won’t start and get back out on the trails!


When an Arctic Cat ATV won’t start and only turns over, there are a few basic steps to troubleshoot the issue. The first step is to reverse eliminate potential causes. The best way to do this is by going through the basic components of the ATV including the battery, spark plugs, fuel system, and electrical connections. If each of these components are in proper working order, then it is likely that there is an issue with either the engine or a component of the engine itself.

Mechanical Problems

One of the most common mechanical problems that can prevent an Arctic Cat ATV from starting is a clogged fuel system. Fuel systems can become clogged due to debris or dirt that has made its way into them and prevents fuel from flowing properly. This is often caused by poor maintenance or lack thereof. Additionally, it could be possible that there are issues with certain components of the engine such as valves, gaskets, or seals that are preventing it from running properly.

Electrical Issues

Another potential cause for an Arctic Cat ATV not starting could be related to electrical issues such as spark plug problems or faulty wiring or electrical shortages within the vehicle. It is important to check all of these components before continuing on with any other troubleshooting steps as they can be relatively simple and inexpensive fixes if caught early on. Additionally, checking for any corrosion on existing wiring or connections should also be done as corrosion can also lead to electrical issues.

Battery Maintenance

Proper battery maintenance is essential when trying to get an Arctic Cat ATV started again after it has not been running for some time. This includes making sure that the battery has been charged properly and checking for any signs of corrosion on existing batteries. Corrosion can greatly reduce battery efficiency and life span so its important to clean off any existing corrosion before trying to start up the ATV again after a long period of inactivity.

Diagnostic Tools and Equipment

When attempting to diagnose why an Arctic Cat ATV won’t start when only turning over, having some basic diagnostic tools at hand can be very helpful in pinpointing exactly what might be causing the problem. This includes having jumper cables available in case there are issues with a dead battery or weak charging system as well as having an OBD-II scanner available which will allow for diagnosing more complex issues such as faulty ECU programming codes or engine misfires that could potentially prevent an ATV from starting correctly.

Common Repairs

If your Arctic Cat ATV won’t start and just turns over, there are a number of possible repairs you can make on your own to get it running again. Common repairs for this issue include securing loose or faulty connections, electroen cleaning of contact points, replacing fuses, switches and relays, replacing spark plugs and cables, refining fuel injector system settings, recharging bad batteries, refurbishing carburetors, replacing fuel & air filters, tightening belts & adjusting chain tension, installing new battery cables and crimping and soldering corroded wires.

Accessories & Tools for DIY Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting the issue with your Arctic Cat ATV not starting properly on your own you’ll need the right accessories and tools to do the job. Shop towels, rubber gloves and safety glasses are recommended to protect yourself while working on your ATV. Other essential tools you’ll need include a screwdriver set, socket wrench set and ratchets, hammer, hex keys set ,pliers ,wire cutters ,plunger ,testing LED , car jump starter pack. You may also need additional tools depending on what kind of repairs you’re performing.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the basic troubleshooting steps for an Arctic Cat ATV that won’t start?
A: The most common troubleshooting steps to take when an Arctic Cat ATV won’t start include checking the basics such as fuel and oil levels, spark plug connections, and electrical connections. Additionally, one should look for any mechanical problems with the engine or clogged fuel system, as well as any electrical issues such as spark plug or wiring issues.

Q: What type of diagnostic tools and equipment should I use when troubleshooting an Arctic Cat ATV?
A: When troubleshooting an Arctic Cat ATV, it is important to use the right diagnostic tools and equipment. This includes items such as jumper cables, an OBD2 scanner, shop towels, rubber gloves and safety glasses, screwdriver sets, socket wrench sets and ratchets, hammers, hex keys set, pliers, wire cutters, plungers and testing LEDs. Additionally a car jump starter pack may be necessary.

Q: What type of maintenance should be done on the battery of an Arctic Cat ATV?
A: It is important to properly maintain the battery of an Arctic Cat ATV in order to ensure proper operation. This includes regularly charging it properly as well as checking for corrosion or execution of existing battery.

Q: What type of repairs may be needed for an Arctic Cat ATV that won’t start?
A: Common repairs that may be necessary for an Arctic Cat ATV that won’t start include securing loose or faulty connections by means of electroen cleaning contact points; replacing fuses switches and relays; replacing spark plugs and cables; refining fuel injector system settings; recharging bad batteries; refurbishing carburetors; replacing fuel & air filters; tightening belts & adjusting chain tension; installing new battery cables; crimping and soldering corroded wires.

Q: What is reverse elimination method?
A: Reverse elimination method is a process which involves systematically eliminating potential causes in order to identify the most likely cause of a problem. This can be done by performing tests on individual components until the source of the problem has been identified.

The most likely cause of an Arctic Cat ATV not starting and just turning over is a weak battery or electrical fault. If the battery appears to be in good condition, then it is worth checking the spark plug and fuses for any damage or blockage. If all of these components appear to be in working order, then it may be necessary to call a professional mechanic for further inspection.

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