Where to Find the Dodge Durango Shift Solenoid: A Step-by-Step Guide

The shift solenoid on a Dodge Durango is located inside the transmission.

Dodge Durango Shift Solenoid Location

The Dodge Durango Shift Solenoid Location is an important component to correctly maintain your vehicle. It is a small valve located inside the transmission of Dodge Durango that helps in the smooth functioning of the transmission. This shift solenoid can often cause problems and require to be replaced or serviced. The exact location of the shift solenoid varies between models and years, but is usually located in the area of the passenger side firewall, near the brake pedal assembly. It is important to familiarize yourself with its exact location before attempting a repair or replacement. This guide aims to give an overview of what you need to know about locating and servicing your Dodge Durango shift solenoid.

Dodge Durango Shift Solenoid Location

The shift solenoid is an important component of any Dodge Durango transmission system. It is responsible for controlling the flow of fluid to the gear selector, allowing the driver to control when and how quickly the vehicle changes gears. Knowing where this component is located can be helpful in identifying potential problems and ensuring that your vehicle is running optimally.


The shift solenoid is a small, cylindrical device located in the transmission system of a Dodge Durango. It is a relatively simple device that uses an electromagnet to control the flow of fluid from a valve or cylinder to the gear selector. This device allows for smoother shifting between gears, as well as more precise control over when and how quickly the vehicle shifts gears.


The shift solenoids main function is to regulate the flow of fluid to the gear selector based on input from the engines computer system. This allows for smoother and more efficient shifting between gears, which helps improve fuel economy and reduce wear on the transmission system. In addition, it helps reduce any jerking or lurching that can sometimes occur when shifting between gears.

Location of the Transmission Solenoid

The Dodge Durango shift solenoid is typically located in or near the transmission housing, usually on or near one of its sides. Depending on your specific model, it may also be located closer to or further away from other components within your vehicles transmission system. In some cases, it may even be necessary to remove other parts in order to access it.

Accessing The Transmission Solenoid

In order to access and replace your Dodge Durango shift solenoid, you will need to open up your vehicles transmission housing and locate it within. Depending on your specific model, this may require removing other components such as air filters or hoses before you can get at it directly. Once you have identified its location, you can then proceed with replacing it if necessary.

Securing The Transmission Solenoid in Place

Before you begin replacing your Dodge Durango shift solenoid, it’s important to make sure that it’s securely fixed in place so that nothing comes loose during removal or installation procedures. This includes both making sure all bolts are tightened properly as well as ensuring that all mounts and fasteners are securely attached before beginning work on them.

Preparation for Removal and Installation

Before attempting to remove or install a new Dodge Durango shift solenoid, you should take some time to prepare everything properly beforehand so that nothing goes wrong during either procedure. This includes cleaning up any dirt or debris around where you’ll be working so that nothing gets into any sensitive parts while they are open; checking all bolts and other fasteners; tightening them if necessary; and checking all mountings for proper fitment prior to installation work beginning..

Fixing The Position Of The Component

Once everything has been cleaned up properly around where you’ll be working with your new Dodge Durango shift solenoid, you should next fix its position by using two wrenches; one wrench should hold onto its mounting points while another tightens its mounting bolts until they’re secure enough not to move around during operation or installation procedures later on down the line..

Unscrewing And Unplugging The Component

From there, you can then unscrew and unplug any connections attached directly onto your old Dodge Durango shift solenoid before carefully removing it from its place within your vehicle’s transmission housing entirely with two hands (one hand holding onto its mounting points while another holds onto its body). Be sure not to drop anything during this process as some parts may be fragile depending on their age..

Releasing Mounts And Fasteners

Once everything has been removed from your old Dodge Durango shift solenoid successfully without anything slipping out of place during removal procedures (such as screws falling out), you should then proceed with releasing any additional mounts and fasteners attached onto either side of yours prior to installation work beginning..

Pre-Installation Checks And Tests

.Before installing a new Dodge Durango shift solenoid into place within your vehicle’s transmission housing, it’s important that ensure both that all connections have been plugged in correctly beforehand as well as performing several tests beforehand just in case something isn’t connected properly somewhere along those lines; these tests include checking voltage levels coming off each connection point at least once before installation work begins just so nothing short circuits during operations..

Placement In The Vehicle Finally , after all checks have been made , tests have been completed ,mounts have been released ,and connections have been plugged back into their respective places ,you can then proceed with carefully positioningyour newDodgeDurangoshiftsolenoiddirectlyinits designatedplacewithinyourvehiclestransmissionhousingandtighteningallboltsandfastenerstoensuresufficientsecurity..

Oiling Up New Solenoid Parts

When working on the Dodge Durango shift solenoid location, it is important to oil up the new solenoid parts before installation. This will help ensure that all components of the new component are correctly lubricated and will reduce the chances of any friction or wear and tear during operation. The first step is to clean the new part with a cloth, then lubricate all components with a light oil or grease. Once all components are lubricated, re-apply lubricant to any exposed areas after installation.

Troubleshooting Issues With The Unit

When it comes to troubleshooting issues with a Dodge Durango shift solenoid location, diagnosing common faults in Durango Shiftsolennoids can be difficult. However, by checking for any obvious signs of damage or malfunction, such as loose connections or visible signs of corrosion and wear, it can be easier to pinpoint the source of the problem. Once any obvious faults have been identified and fixed, further testing may be necessary in order to determine the exact cause of the issue.

Securing The Entire Unit In Place Once More

Once any issues have been resolved and repaired, it is important to secure the entire unit in place once more. This involves testing all connections after renewal and ensuring that they are firmly connected and will remain secure during use. Additionally, final verification should be done against manufacturer’s specifications in order to ensure that all parts are properly installed and functioning as intended before use.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Dodge Durango Shift Solenoid?
A: A Dodge Durango Shift Solenoid is an electronic component of a vehicle’s transmission system. It controls the flow of fluid to the transmission in order to change gears, allowing the vehicle to move forward or backward depending on the driver’s input.

Q: Where is the transmission solenoid located on a Dodge Durango?
A: The transmission solenoid is located within the transmission itself. It can be accessed by removing the pan from under the car, or from inside the vehicle near the shift linkage. It is typically found near or underneath the shift lever assembly.

Q: How do you secure a Dodge Durango shift solenoid in place?
A: Before removing and installing a new shift solenoid, it is important to secure it in place to ensure that it does not move during removal and installation. This can be done by unscrewing and unplugging any mounting hardware, releasing any mounts and fasteners holding it in place, and ensuring that all connections are secure before attempting to remove or install a new one.

Q: What should I do before installing a new Dodge Durango shift solenoid?
A: Before installing a new shift solenoid, it is important to perform pre-installation checks and tests to ensure that all components are functioning properly. This includes checking for any leaks or damage around the unit, testing all connections for proper voltage, and verifying against manufacturer’s specifications for fitment and compatibility.

Q: How do I lubricate up new solenoid parts?
A: After installing a new shift solenoid, it is important to lubricate up all of its components. This includes applying lubricant around any seals or fittings that have been exposed during installation as well as re-applying lubricant after installation has been completed. It is also important to test all connections for proper voltage after re-lubricating any parts as this will help maintain performance over time.

The Dodge Durango shift solenoid is located in the transmission housing near the bottom of the engine. This solenoid is responsible for controlling the shift of gears when the vehicle is in motion. The location of this solenoid can vary depending on the year and model of the Dodge Durango. It is important to consult a service manual or professional mechanic for more precise instructions when attempting to locate and replace this part.

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