Upgrading Your Ford F150: A Detailed Guide to 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion

The Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion is the process of replacing your existing fuel tank with an aftermarket tank that can hold up to 36 gallons of fuel.

Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion

The Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion allows drivers to enjoy greater fuel storage capacity on their Ford F150s. Ideal for long trips, this modification offers a thirty-six gallon tank, with a greater capacity than the standard twenty-three gallon tank. The conversion process is relatively straightforward and involves replacement of the factory tank with a custom-made, heavy-duty steel one that offers increased fuel efficiency and much more space for miles of travel. With careful installation, this conversion will empower drivers to explore longer trips without running out of fuel.

Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion

The Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion is an upgrade which enables your vehicle to have a larger fuel tank capacity. This conversion can provide a variety of benefits, such as increased mileage and improved range. In order to install this conversion, certain tools and parts are needed. To ensure a successful installation, it is important to take time and exercise care throughout the process.


The primary benefit of the Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion is the increase in mileage that it provides. By increasing the size of the fuel tank, your vehicle will be able to store more fuel which translates to more miles before having to refuel. Additionally, this conversion will also improve your vehicle’s range. Without having to refuel as often, you will be able to travel longer distances with fewer stops for fuel.


To successfully complete the Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion, you will need a few tools and components. These include a gas tank assembly, necessary tools for installation such as wrenches and screwdrivers, along with any other components that may be specific to your model of vehicle.

How To Perform The Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion?

Before beginning the installation process, it is important that you properly prepare your vehicle’s safety system. This includes disconnecting all power sources such as fuel lines and electrical systems which can cause serious injury if handled incorrectly during the installation process. Once everything has been disconnected and safely secured ,you can begin removing the original gas tank by locating all of its mounting bolts and gently removing them from their positions one at a time until completely removed.
After successfully removing the original gas tank from its position, you can now start installing the new one in its place being sure to line up all mounting holes correctly before securely fastening all bolts back into place one at a time using an appropriate wrench or socket set .Once installed correctly ,you must reconnect all power sources previously disconnected earlier in order for your vehicle’s safety system to work properly again .

Tips For A Successful Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion?

The key tips for ensuring a successful Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion are taking your time during each step of the process while exercising extreme caution throughout each step .Additionally ,make sure that you have reassembled all components back into their correct positions before starting up your vehicle again .Finally ,ensure that all connections have been made securely in order to prevent any potential malfunctions or damages from occurring .

What Are The Risks Involved in The Conversion Process?

The process of converting a Ford F150 to an alternate fuel tank may present some risks. First and foremost, there is the possibility of fire hazards. Although the conversion process requires careful attention to safety, the use of any flammable fuel presents the potential for an accident or fire. Additionally, if the conversion is not done properly, it can cause damage to the gas tank or other parts of the vehicle.

Does The Warranty On Your Car Cover The Cost Of A Fuel Tank Conversion?

The answer to this question depends on your specific warranty coverage and whether you are purchasing additional gap coverage or extended warranties. Automotive warranties typically cover any repairs or replacements that are needed due to manufacturer defects. However, they do not usually cover any modifications or upgrades that you make to your vehicle. Therefore, if you choose to convert your Ford F150s fuel tank, it is unlikely that your warranty will cover the cost. You may need to purchase additional gap coverage or extended warranties in order to be covered for such a conversion.

Different Types of Tanks for The Ford F150 Maintenance & Upgrades

When looking into a fuel tank conversion for a Ford F150, there are several different types of tanks available. You can choose between OEM tanks (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket tanks that are made by third parties. Additionally, you need to consider whether you prefer plastic or steel tanks as well as color match and compatibility considerations when upgrading your existing tank.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a New Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank?

The cost of installing a new Ford F150 36 gallon fuel tank will vary based on several factors including labor costs, parts costs, and any additional fees or expenses associated with the installation process. Generally speaking, labor costs for such a project can range anywhere from $300-$600 depending on the complexity of the job and experience level of the technician doing it. Parts costs will vary depending on what type of tank you choose as well as any additional accessories that might be needed for installation such as hoses and fittings. Finally, additional fees can include taxes and other miscellaneous expenses associated with getting your new fuel system up and running safely and efficiently in your vehicle.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion?
A: The Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion is an aftermarket upgrade that replaces the existing, smaller fuel tank with a larger one. This will give your vehicle a greater range and improved fuel economy.

Q: What tools or parts are needed for the conversion?
A: The necessary tools and parts for the conversion include a gas tank assembly, appropriate bolts, nuts, and washers, a fuel pump and fuel lines. It is important to ensure that you have all of these components before beginning the conversion process.

Q: How to perform the Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion?
A: To perform the Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion, begin by preparing your vehicle’s safety system. Then, remove the original gas tank and install the new one in its place. Reconnect all necessary parts before starting your vehicle to ensure proper function.

Q: What are the risks involved in the conversion process?
A: There are some risks associated with performing this type of conversion such as fire hazards or damage to other components if done incorrectly. It is important to take time and exercise caution throughout this process.

Q: Does the warranty on your car cover the cost of a fuel tank conversion?
A: Generally speaking, most warranties do not cover aftermarket modifications such as this type of fuel tank upgrade. However, there are some extended warranties or gap coverage plans that may be available that do provide coverage for aftermarket modifications. It is best to speak with your warranty provider for more information about coverage options.

The Ford F150 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Conversion is a great way to increase the fuel capacity of your vehicle. This conversion involves replacing the factory fuel tank with a larger capacity tank, as well as adding additional fuel lines to ensure maximum performance. The new fuel tank offers increased range and peace of mind knowing that you won’t run out of fuel while you’re on the road. With a little time and effort, this conversion can be completed with minimal fuss.

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