How to Reset a Code 59 on a Chevy Spark: A Step-by-Step Guide

To reset Code 59 on a Chevy Spark, disconnect the battery for at least 10 minutes and reconnect.

How To Reset Code 59 Chevy Spark

Resetting the code 59 in a Chevy Spark can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few basic steps you need to take in order to successfully reset this code and get your car running again. To start, you’ll need to locate the diagnostic port on your spark and plug in an OBD2 scanner. Once the scanner is connected, you can then access the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), which will guide you through the resetting process. When all is said and done, you’ll be able to disconnect the OBD2 scanner, return your Spark back to its original state, and enjoy a joyride around town. So what are you waiting for? With patience and these simple steps, resetting code 59 on your Chevy Spark will be much easier than it first seemed.

How to Reset Code 59 on a Chevy Spark

Diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, can be a real headache for car owners. One of the most prominent DTCs is code 59, which can affect Chevy Sparks equipped with an OBD-II system. If the ECU system in your Chevy Spark has set code 59 error, its important to know how to reset it. The following guide will provide you with the tools and instructions you need to get your vehicle back in top shape.

Tools and Preparation

When resetting the code 59 in your Chevy Spark, you will need a few tools and supplies. First and foremost, you should have a good OBD-II scanner that is designed for this type of reset procedure. You should also have access to the user manual for your vehicle so that you can understand what each part of the process entails. Additionally, you may want to have some basic hand tools on hand such as pliers and screwdrivers that may be needed while completing the reset process.

Further Instructions

Once you have gathered all of your necessary tools and supplies, its time to start the reset procedure for code 59 on your Chevy Spark. First, make sure that all doors are closed and then turn off any accessories that are running in order to reduce any potential interference with the process. Next, locate the OBD-II connector under the dashboard on the driver’s side and connect your scanner if necessary. Now follow any instructions provided by your scanners user manual in order to reset code 59 from your ECU system.

Troubleshooting Loss of Power with Code 59 on a Chevy Spark

If you are having problems with loss of power or sputtering after attempting to reset code 59 in your Chevy Spark, there are a few steps you can take before seeking professional help. First, check all connections and ensure they are properly secured and free from any debris or corrosion which could be causing an issue. If this does not work, try using another OBD-II scanner if possible as this could help eliminate any potential issues caused by faulty equipment or software malfunctioning during the reset process.


If all else fails when attempting to troubleshoot loss of power with code 59 on a Chevy Spark, it is important that you seek professional help from an auto mechanic or dealership who specializes in OBD-II systems so they can properly diagnose what is causing the issue before attempting any further repairs or resets on your own. This will allow them to assess exactly what needs to be done in order for your vehicle to get back into top working condition as quickly as possible.

Understanding The Diagnostic Trouble Code 59 In A Chevy Spark

In order for drivers to take proper care of their vehicles, it is important that they understand what diagnostic trouble codes mean when they appear on their dashboards or vehicle’s ECU systems. Code 59 specifically relates to an issue with fuel pressure which could cause performance issues if not taken care of quickly enough through proper diagnosis and repair procedures set forth by car manufacturers like Chevrolet for their vehicles like Sparks equipped with OBD-II systems.

Code 59 is defined as an issue related directly to fuel pressure within an engine’s fuel system which could be caused by several different factors such as dirty fuel injectors, blocked filters or faulty sensors related directly to fuel pressure within an engine’s fuel system either due natural wear and tear over time or due improper repairs done previously by inexperienced mechanics who did not properly diagnose issues beforehand leading up towards setting off code 59 during diagnostics tests conducted afterwards either through professional mechanics at dealerships authorized by car manufactures like Chevrolet themselves or through DIY home mechanics using their own personal OBD-II scanners purchased from retail sites online such as Amazon for example .

The causes of code 59 within engines’ fuel systems vary depending upon each individual case but some common causes include blocked filters due too old age resulting from oil degradation over time leading up towards lack of fuel flow resulting in misfiring during operation within spark plugs located within engines’ cylinders themselves; clogged fuel injectors caused by dirt accumulation coming from worn out air filters trapping too much dust over time leading up towards lack of delivery within gasoline itself; faulty sensors within electronic control units (ECUs) either due natural wear and tear over time incorrectly measuring pressures within engines’ cylinders resulting in incorrect readings being sent out towards ECUs themselves; incorrect settings made manually either due inexperienced repair technicians incorrectly entering wrong values manually into ECUs themselves; incorrect timing belts being installed during previous repairs leading up towards triggering off misfiring within spark plugs located inside engines’ cylinders themselves; lack maintenance being done regularly resulting in lack lubrication coming from oil deposits located inside engines’ cylinders leading up towards triggering off misfiring during operation inside spark plugs now located inside those same cylinders; lastly but not least worn out spark plugs coming from old age resulting again from lack maintenance done regularly over time leading up towards triggering off misfires now occurring inside those same cylinders where those same spark plugs were originally located .

If drivers find themselves unable or unwilling unable call upon professional help but yet still wish solve problems related directly code59 appearing inside their vehicles ECU systems without calling upon aid outside sources then there are couple steps they take beginning gathering information retail sites online such Amazon gaining better understanding specific parts involved procedure itself reviewing user manuals provided manufacturers directly such Chevrolet helping guide them through entire process step step until problem solved .

Due variety different reasons discussed above one main culprit behind setting off errorcode59 specifically lies problems existing within vehicles electronic control unit (ECU)system itself ranging anywhere improper settings being entered manually incorrectly down faulty sensors incorrectly measuring pressuresinside engines cylindersthemselves both cases requiring immediate attention professionals authorized carmanufacturerslikeChevroletthemselves quickly resolve issue preventing further damage taking place .

How to Fix A Chevy Spark’s Engine With An OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Code 59 Set?

When a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) 59 is set for a Chevy Spark, it usually indicates an issue with the spark plugs or wires. In order to properly fix this problem, one must first diagnose the problem. This can be done through the use of an OBD-II scanner and by checking for any other codes that may be present. After diagnosing the problem, it is important to replace any faulty components, such as spark plugs or wires, as well as resetting all codes after repairs are completed.

Typical Symptoms Related to an OBD-II Trouble Code 59 in a Chevy Spark Car?

The most common symptom of code 59 in a Chevy Spark car is the check engine light flashing on and off rapidly. Additionally, stalling or loss of acceleration can also occur due to this issue. If any of these symptoms are present, it is important to check for any diagnostic trouble codes that may be set and take the necessary steps to properly fix the issue.

Different Costs for Fixing DTC Error 59 on a Chevy Spark?

Depending on what needs to be repaired or replaced, costs can vary when it comes to fixing DTC error 59 on a Chevy Spark. For professional repair services from certified mechanics, prices tend to range from $100-$400 depending on the severity of the problem and what parts need replacing. Additionally, costs for replacing parts and accessories can range from $50-$200 depending on what exactly needs replacing.

Taking Safety Precautions Before Managing OBD Trouble Codes For A Chevy Spark Vehicle?

When attempting any DIY checks or repairs involving OBD trouble codes for a Chevy Spark vehicle, it is important that certain safety precautions are taken beforehand in order to ensure safety while working on the vehicle. Firstly, make sure you have all of your safety gear ready before beginning work on your car. Additionally, it is important that you carefully evaluate all vehicle specifications before beginning work so that you know exactly what you will be dealing with when troubleshooting code 59 in your vehicle.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How to Reset Code 59 on a Chevy Spark?
A: To reset code 59 on a Chevy Spark, you will need tools like an OBD-II scanner and a wrench. Before beginning, make sure the car is in park or neutral and the emergency brake is engaged. Disconnect the negative battery cable using a wrench, wait for at least five minutes before reconnecting it. Turn on the ignition switch and use an OBD-II scanner to reset the code 59.

Q: What is Diagnostic Trouble Code 59?
A: Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) 59 is set when there is an issue with the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) system of a Chevy Spark vehicle. This code usually indicates a problem with one of the components of the ECU system or incorrect settings.

Q: What are Typical Symptoms Related to an OBD-II Trouble Code 59 in a Chevy Spark Car?
A: When an OBD-II trouble code 59 is set in a Chevy Spark car, common symptoms include check engine light flashing on and off rapidly, as well as stalling or loss of acceleration.

Q: What are Different Costs for Fixing DTC Error 59 on a Chevy Spark?
A: The cost for professional repair services to fix DTC error 59 on a Chevy Spark can vary depending on your location and service provider. The cost for replacing parts and accessories may also be required which can range from $50 – $500 depending on what needs to be replaced.

Q: What Safety Precautions Should Be Taken Before Managing OBD Trouble Codes For A Chevy Spark Vehicle?
A: Before attempting to manage OBD trouble codes for a Chevy Spark vehicle, it’s important to take safety precautions such as wearing safety gear as appropriate, gathering information from reliable retail sites, reviewing user manuals and carefully evaluating vehicle specifications.

The process of resetting Code 59 on a Chevy Spark may seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and tools, it can be done in just a few simple steps. To reset the code, first locate the OBDII port, then disconnect the negative battery cable and wait for 30 minutes. Once that is done, reconnect the battery cable and turn on the ignition switch. After that, use an OBDII scanner to reset the code. Following these steps should help you successfully reset Code 59 on your Chevy Spark.

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