Unlocking the Benefits of Societe De Verification De La Nouvelle Gravure Internationale

Societe De Verification De La Nouvelle Gravure Internationale is an international security printing verification company.

Societe De Verification De La Nouvelle Gravure Internationale

Societe de Verification de la Nouvelle Gravure Internationale (SVNGI) is an organization dedicated to verifying the quality of newly produced print media products. The organization is made up of a team of skilled professionals who use research-driven techniques to assess the physical characteristics, design, specifications, and overall printing quality of newly created printed materials. SVNGI is committed to providing an incomparable level of service and accuracy when verifying new printing materials. Using their words, We make sure your prints have been expertly crafted with exceptional efficiency and detail. So you can rest assured that your printed materials are in safe hands with SVNGI verification.


Societe De Verification De La Nouvelle Gravure Internationale (SVNGI) is a unique international organization dedicated to the verification of new engravings. SVNGI was established in 1982 and is based in Paris, France. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to promote the development of new techniques and practices in the field of engraving. The organization works closely with several countries and international organizations to ensure that new techniques are developed and implemented in a safe and responsible manner.


The main objectives of SVNGI are to promote the development of new engraving technologies, ensure safe and responsible use of these technologies, and ensure that they are applied correctly and ethically. SVNGI also works to protect cultural heritage by ensuring that all new engravings respect existing laws and regulations. In addition, SVNGI encourages collaboration between countries and international organizations for the development of best practices in engraving technology.


SVNGI currently has over 500 members from countries throughout the world, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, Japan, India, Russia, Brazil and other countries. Membership is open to individuals or organizations who are actively engaged in the field of engraving or related fields. Membership fees vary according to country or region.


SVNGI organizes conferences on a regular basis for its members as well as for other interested parties from around the world. These conferences provide an opportunity for members to discuss their work with other experts from different parts of the world. In addition to conferences on specific topics related to engraving technology, SVNGI also sponsors seminars on ethical issues related to new technologies as well as trainings on how best to apply them responsibly.

SVNGI also publishes several publications which provide information about current trends in engraving technology as well as updates on its activities around the world. These publications are available both online and through subscription services. The organization also maintains an online database containing information about its members as well as news articles on relevant topics within its field of expertise.


In conclusion, it can be seen that Societe De Verification De La Nouvelle Gravure Internationale (SVNGI) plays an important role in promoting the safe use of new engraving techniques while preserving cultural heritage at the same time through responsible practices. Through its membership base spread across multiple countries as well as regular conferences and seminars hosted by it throughout the year, SVNGI continues to be a driving force behind innovation in this field while ensuring that such developments are done responsibly with respect for existing laws and regulations governing this domain.

Qu’est-ce que la Societe de verification de la nouvelle gravure internationale?

La Societe de verification de la nouvelle gravure internationale (SVNGI) est une organisation internationale qui a ete fondee en 1980 pour s’assurer que les systemes d’impression et d’authentification des documents sont conformes aux normes internationales. Elle est composee d’experts des systemes d’impression, des fabricants et des specialistes en securite qui travaillent ensemble pour fournir des solutions de verification a l’industrie mondiale.

SVNGI offre une gamme complete de services, notamment l’inspection et le test des produits et systemes d’impression, l’audit et le conseil pour les fabricants, ainsi que la formation sur les technologies de securite. La SVNGI travaille egalement avec les fabricants pour mettre en uvre les normes qui regissent l’utilisation efficace et sure des matieres premieres necessaires a la fabrication des produits imprimes.

Comment fonctionne la SVNGI?

La SVNGI fonctionne en fournissant une variete de services lies a la verification des systemes d’impression et d’authentification. Ces services comprennent :

  • Inspection et test: La SVNGI inspecte les produits pour determiner si ils respectent les normes specifiees par lindustrie imprimante.
  • Audit: La SVNGI audite les processus de fabrication utilises par le fabricant afin de determiner si le processus satisfait aux exigences du marche.
  • Conseils: La SVNGI offre egalement des conseils aux fabricants sur diverses questions liees a la qualite, a lefficacite et a la surete.

En outre, elle forme egalement les professionnels sur divers sujets tels que la technologie dimpression numerique, le chiffrement numerique, etc.

Pourquoi est-il important?

Les systemes dimpression modernes sont tres complexes. La SVNGI joue un role important en garantissant que tous les produits imprimes respectent un certain niveau de qualite uniforme. En outre, elle aide egalement a reduire le risque lie a lutilisation abusive ou frauduleuse du materiel imprimable par differents moyens tels que le chiffrement numerique ou autres technologies avancees. La SVNGI aide egalement a assurer que tous les produits imprimes satisfont aux normes requises par le marche mondial.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Qu’est-ce que la Societe de Verification de la Nouvelle Gravure Internationale (NVIG)?
A: La Societe de Verification de la Nouvelle Gravure Internationale (NVIG) est une organisation a but non lucratif qui fournit des services de verification pour les produits imprimes et neufs, et qui s’engage a promouvoir des normes elevees dans le domaine de la gravure. La NVIG offre des services tels que l’inspection et l’authentification des produits imprimes, ainsi que des conseils en matiere d’impression et d’utilisation.

Q: Quels types d’inspection propose la NVIG?
A: La NVIG offre une gamme complete de services dinspection, notamment linspection visuelle des produits imprimes, lidentification et lauthentification des produits neufs, ainsi que la verification du marquage et du codage.

Q: Quelles sont les exigences pour etre membre de la NVIG?
A: Pour etre membre de la NVIG, vous devrez remplir un certain nombre de criteres. Ces criteres incluent avoir un diplome decerne par une institution reconnue, avoir au moins cinq annees dexperience professionnelle pertinente et avoir une bonne reputation professionnelle.

Q: Quels sont les avantages lies a l’adhesion a la NVIG?
A: Les avantages lies a ladhesion a la NVIG comprennent lacces aux services de verification professionnels proposes par lorganisation, ainsi quaux activites et informations mises a disposition par les membres. Les membres peuvent egalement beneficier dun reseau communautaire avec dautres experts du monde entier.

Q: Comment puis-je contacter le personnel technique et administratif de la NVIG?
A: Le personnel technique et administratif de la NVIG peut etre contacte par courrier electronique ou par telephone +1-800-823-0060. Des informations supplementaires sur le personnel technique et administratif peuvent etre trouvee sur le site Web officiel de la NVIG.

The Societe de Verification de la Nouvelle Gravure Internationale (SVNGI) provides an important service to the global economy. By verifying the quality of new engravings, designs, and artwork, it ensures that all produced works are of the highest quality. The SVNGI also helps to protect intellectual property rights by ensuring that original artwork is not replicated without permission. As a result, it is an invaluable resource for businesses and individuals who need to ensure that their works are authentic and protected.

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